Barrier is something Essay

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Barrier is something

Unit 18 What is barrier? A barrier is something that gets into the way or stops another thing from happening. As we all know, communication is an extreme complex progress. And if one person finds it hard to understand subject or to write or even speak effectively about it, that person cannot be sure that his/her meaning has been received exactly. This loss of meaning which may block communication is often called Barrier. There are 3 main ways in which communication can be blocked: 1. If a person cannot see, hear, or receive the message

2. If a person cannot make sense of the message
3. If a person misunderstands the messages
1. Person cannot see, hear, or receive the message. Visual disability
Hearing disability
Environmental problems –(noise)
Speaking from too far
2. Person cannot make sense of the message. Different language are being used, including sign language
People using different terms, such as slang internet or text jargon One of the speakers has physical or intellect disability, such as memory loss or learning Dysfunction.
3. Person misunderstands the message.

Cultural difference: different cultures interpret non-verbal and verbal and humour, in different ways Assumptions about people: assumptions about race, gender, disabilities etc. can lead to stereotyping and misunderstanding Emotional Difference, very angry or very happy people may misinterpret what is said think about sarcasm Social contest: conversation and non-verbal messages understood by close friend may not be understand by strangers.

Physical barriers
A physical barrier to communication Is something in the surrounding that stops the person from communicating with other. For example if the place where the conversation is held may be noisy. Impairmentsvc

Some people will haveimpairments that can stop them from communication for example if they are unable to see,hear,or talk. Emotional factors
Emotional factor can affect the way we communicate with others for example, lack of support /lack of trust, afraid,feeling happy,feeling sad,low self-estee/ or over/under confident. Different language

Some people may not speak the same language as you and therefore you may have difficulty understanding each other Jargon
Jargon is when people use technical words. The use of jargon can be confusing for other to understand.

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