Barbecue Essay Topics

Cooking – Sauce

Choose the most appropriate answer for each question.Shade your choice on the Objective Answer Sheet. 1. Egg whites will whip up into a better foam if a) they are at room temperature b) they are well chilled c) they have small amount of baking soda added to them d) they have small amount of oil… View Article

Cooking Methods

Baking is a way of cooking sweet or savory items in the dry heat of an oven. Although baking itself is a relatively easy process, it is good to have some knowledge of the role each ingredient plays in creating the final dish. Barbecuing: Nothing beats the deep, rich flavor of good barbecue. In the… View Article

A Person Who Has Succeeded In Life

It is lunch hour. A large restaurant located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city is packed with regular customers. Waiters and waitresses are busy serving the customers. Outside the restaurant, the owner of the restaurant is seen arriving in a luxury car. After parking his car, he enters the restaurant and starts mingling with… View Article