Barangay Management System Essay

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Barangay Management System

College of Information Technology & Engineering


Proponents : Gonzales, Maricar
Lee, Kimberly Anne A.
Suguitan, Constante III

Section: IT4A

Proposed Title: Barangay Management System for Brgy. Antipolo del Norte


1. The process of tracking records of daily, weekly and monthly records become less efficient and less accurate because in a manual system the data might be misplaced or lost. 2. Having a manual record management system requires a lot of storage space and filing equipment in the office because hard copies of the files are kept. 3. The process of writing the record manually in a piece of paper, keeping, and finding the records of the consumer are time consuming causing slow retrieval of information and transactions.


1. To make a computerized record management system to easily find the records so that it is accurate, complete, accessible, and usable. 2. To reduce operating costs including office space, equipment and staff to maintain an organized filing system. 3. To minimize the time in writing the record, to eliminate the use of paper and to improve efficiency and productivity of the employee.


The scope of this system is to provide user efficient working environment and generates more output. This system provides friendly user interface resulting in knowing each and every usability features of the system. It prepares and prints barangay permits and certifications (e.g. Community Tax Certificate, Barangay Clearance, etc.) It also processes fee such as barangay clearance fees and others. It also enables easy searching of records. This system also allows for other barangay related functions as those including security such as incident reporting, blotter, and other related services. It also provides that it maintains an updated record of residents for easy identification, and updated references.

It also provides a back-up and recovery utility for security. Also, this system provides high level of security for specific people (e.g. administrators and staffs) who can access the system where administrators have the full access in using the system while the employee just have the limited access in terms of confidential records. No changes can be made in it until it verifies the user log in id and password. The salary of the employee will not be covered by the system. Beneficiaries:

This paper can be used in future research and will benefit the following people: Workers/ Employee
The workers will experience easier and faster way of record keeping and retrieval of records.
The customer will experience a faster service than before.

Future Researchers
The proposed system will help the future researchers to have more ideas about management system.

Operational Framework
Barangay Management System is a computerized system that provides fast and reliable processing of services to its users and customers. It also generates reports that are essential for statistical information, and research and accreditation purposes.

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