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Barangay Information Systems (BIS)


Information Systems (IS) have become crucial for organizations to survive in today’s technology-focused environment. Increasing amounts of resources are invested in IS infrastructures in organizations to give better services and to produce better value products. (Tokdemir, Gül, 2009). It stores, processes and delivers information relevant to an organization.

Barangay Information Systems (BIS), a system with database, which is capable of handling numerous records from its area, including the census and demographic profile, the history of the Barangay and land area, the elected barangay officials, the economy and religion.

The Barangay Maestrang Kikay, due to its condition of using the manual-based process, the researchers happen to develop a Barangay Information System to provide the needs of the barangay in storing and maintaining its records.

The Barangay Information System will be in charge in keeping the data and will prevent redundancy of work, and will take less time and effort in making the master list or searching specific data for some important purposes.

Statement of the problem

Barangay Maestrang Kikay, until now, is using manual system. The barangay usually keep their data hand-written on paper, and file it in a folder. Then the secretary will generate the list of all the names of an individual in a household in each Purok, in hand-written again. In tracing the records, the secretary will find it one by one. It takes a lot of time. These records are very important for different purposes, it should be stored securely.

The 4th year BSIT students observed the problem of Maestrang Kikay.

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As a result, the researchers create a system that will aid the difficulties in the barangay. The said system will reduce the hard and longtime procedure of accessing file, and it will be effective in maintaining, searching, and storing of records and generating reports of the residents.

Conceptual Framework

Figure 1: The Conceptual Framework of the Study

As shown on the Figure 1, the Barangay Information System will be responsible in storing all the data gathered, it will also generate a reports in hard and soft copy if it is needed, finds specific data, retrieves and updates records

Significance of the study

The Barangay Information System will benefit the Barangay Maestrang Kikay, as well as the Barangay Officials and the Barangay secretary. It will take less time and effort in searching, retrieving and updating the records.

Scope and Limitations

The system that will be conducted by the researchers will be used and effective only to the barangay Maestrang Kikay. The researchers will concentrate on developing the Barangay Information System, and on encoding the data gathered in the barangay.

Definition of Terms

The following terminologies used in this research were defined to provide the readers a better understanding. Information System-

Chapter 2

Maestrang Kikay district together with Pag-asa, Poblacion Sur, Marcos district and Matias district was created during the time of President Ferdinand Marcos. The name “Maestrang Kikay” was adopted from the name of Francisca Ferry, the only woman who lives the longest time in this place. She was called Maestrang Kikay because that time she was one of those who finished their studies. She was one of those teachers who serve and taught the youth in their district during their time. Ferry family had many their assets in their barangay. From then it was called Maestrang Kikay.

The barangay has a total land area of 76.2434 Has. The total population of female comprises 1,928 and male with 1,739 with the total of 3,667, the household with the total of 721 and the numbers of families with the total of 895.

Barangay Maestrang Kikay was headed by Mr. Joselito Tadeo together with the elected councilors: Mr. Manolito De Guzman, Mr. Efren Maliwat, Mr. Larry Rodriguez, Mr. Erwin De Guzman, Mr. Danilo Tabamo, Mrs. Melquiades Nuque, and Mrs. Elvira Salazar. Since the barangay is located at the center of the municipality, it is good to establish a business and other industries.

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Barangay Information Systems (BIS)
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