Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign Speech in Berlin Essay

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Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign Speech in Berlin

The current president of the United States, Barack Obama, once gave a speech during his electoral campaign to a massive crowd in Berlin. Of course, while such a campaign speech is evidently associated with political endeavors, it would still be appropriate to point out that the speech supposedly serves a purpose to unify nations and to rebuild past alliances for a single cause which is to prevent as well as resolve emerging worldwide concerns. Given such context though, it is still evident that a number of propaganda techniques have been employed so as to gain and strengthen public support.

One of the most apparent propaganda techniques which Obama utilized was the plain folk appeal. To further explain, throughout his speech, Obama noted and highlighted that he presents himself not as an electoral candidate but rather as a concerned citizen of the world just like the individuals before him (The Huffington Post, 2008). Furthermore, the bandwagon approach has also been applied. While addressing the public he delineated goals which are supposedly the goals of the entire world, such as banishing terrorist threats and even providing justice in other nations (The Huffington Post, 2008).

If other individuals or nations would detract from such aims it seems that they would be branded as adversary even though not necessarily so. It is irrefutable that Obama’s speech was indeed effective in persuading its audience judging from the ovation. The propaganda techniques are designed to appeal to the emotions of the public in Berlin. It provides a sense of oneness, taking advantage of the historic representation of the site.

Questioning the relevance and validity of Obama’s points during the event must have been unlikely as the majority, which attended the event, have already assumed the same perspective. Possibly, others, being influenced, took a similar stance as it seems to be the nationalistic and responsible decision. Hence, Obama’s electoral success is testament to the use of propaganda techniques in politics, regardless of its biased and group-oriented nature.

Reference The Huffington Post. (2008). Obama Berlin Speech. Retrieved http://www. huffingtonpost. com/2008/07/24/obama-in-berlin-video- of_n_114771. html.

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