Barack Obama’s Policies on Globalisation Essay

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Barack Obama’s Policies on Globalisation

Barack Obama born to a Kenyan Father and an American mother in the city of Hawaii, The Democratic Party presidential candidates has actually come up with Globalisation policies can actually be described in short has the best, and one of its kind. The Illinois senator globalisation policies actually seek to sort out some mess that has resulted from poor bilateral trade agreement that has many Americans workers to suffer. Many policies which are currently in place like the NAFTA agreement which has done more harms than good to the Americans people.

Globalisation can be defined as an activity geared towards harmonizing or blending by which human beings are joined together to form a community, and they co exist together. It includes both the technological, political factors, socio – cultural factors. In a wider perspective globalisation can also be said to be economic globalisation that is mixing national economy with the with the international economy through investments directly to foreign, flows of capital, technology spread and lastly through trade.

Barack Obama’s globalisation policies The target of Mr. Obama administration will be to make globalization be for the good of America and its citizen. Furman further noted that globalization is causing a lot of challenges although it is actually the source of the Economic strength of the country. (America). Despite the benefits of globalization being noted inequality and insecurity has actually continue to grow. (WWW. BBC. COM)

According to Jason Furman the director of Obama’s economic policy, if Barrack Obama wins he will come up with an administration that will evade the US policies of trade, his administration will be designed to help the America’s to over come their sceptism that that is coming up on globalisation. Despite people expressing fears about his fealty to the current trade deals that he is planning to reorganise. For example North America Free Trade Agreement his going to be renegotiated so as to improve the life of the labour and to protect the environment.

Furman further believes Obama is a free trader with full commitment towards the international trading. The public are suffering to the extend of the NAFTA; this has coasted the country millions of jobs. For international trade to be improved Obama’s administration will have to move away from the some trade policies but will still try to keep the World and the international trade rules. The Obama’s administration will try to recalibrate the country’s approach towards globalisation.

This will be achieved through: amendment of the trade policies which will mainly focus on boosting the middle class investment, which he views as the Economic engine of the country. (Furman 2008) Obama will also try to restore the investment by the public in scientific research. He will boast the education of the middle class; he will also come up with the system of universal heath insurance. Mr. George Bush tax cuts will be eliminated so as to push for the, redistribution of the fiscal. (Furman 2008)

Barack Obama will support the economy wide cap and the system of trade that will try to reduce the amount of carbon emitted because of the Climate change. He believes that the market mechanism has worked well and Consumers and business people who put in place effective and efficient measures to curb the climatic changes will be given incentives. If put in place it is expected to transform the economy of America particularly in rural areas, where the generation of renewable energy is expected to increase leading to the creation of jobs for millions of Americans.

Farmers, ranch owners, forest owners who are going to put in place measures for grass restoration or measures that will take away carbon dioxide or any harmful gas from the atmosphere. (www. barrackobama. com) In energy sector Barrack Obama together with his running mate Joe Biden is planning to improve the energy sectors through coming up with measures that is aimed at streamlining the industry. Amongst the changes he his planning to come up with is: Obama is looking forward to providing a short stint relief to citizens facing the pump problems.

Creating over five million jobs in the next ten years by putting over one hundred and sixty billion US dollars into investment, Saving more oils than the one to be imported in the next ten years using the current consumption rate, designing as car that will be manufactured in the country,. It will be designed such that it will be ton cover over one hundred and fifty miles using one gallon of petrol or diesel. By 2012 ten percent of the electricity will be generated from the renewable source. (www. barackobama. com)

Obama also noticed with great concern that the high rise of the energy cost is affecting all the Americans families heavily to help curb this problem Obama is proposing: providing emergency measures immediately he takes over the presidency office, cutting the prices of fuel by swapping heavy and light crude (energy) by actually reliving oil from the reserve of the petroleum (www. barrackobama. com) America is facing two main challenges, these are: America over reliance on foreign oil and the continued climate change. All these are originating from the reliance on fossil fuel which emits a big percentage of carbon.

To solve the problem of climate change which has caused rise in sea level, melting of ice caps, severe drought, changes in weather pattern, and extinction of some species of some animals and plants, Obama plans to: reduce the green house effects by reducing the gas emitted through implementation of trade and cap programme, he will ensure that America will be in the forefront in fighting the climatic changes. Obama’s Government will invest in future energy and to come up with over five million jobs for the Americans big percentage of .

Revenues generated from issuing of permit or license of the Cap and trade will be invested into the energy sector, this will be aimed towards doing away with the on the reliance on fossil fuel and to champion the usage o a technology that emits a small carbon percentage. The investment will be mainly on: research, promotion of the new technology Obama is also looking forward towards encouraging automobiles companies to come up with vehicles that consume less fuel. (www. presidential debate. com) Obama’s government will increase tax from import coming from China if they don’t want to rude in dollars.

This will increase the economy of the US because US dollar will be on high demand. Obama’s government will not just sign any trade agreement they will fast look at the impact the agreement is likely to have towards the America people. Tax code will be changed by Obama’s government by shutting down loopholes that are giving companies to shift their works abroad, this will include amongst them: tax benefit will be denied to America companies that will move abroad to avoid paying taxes to the America government.

He plans to introduce corporation that is going to reward organizations that come up with quality jobs with incentives like paying a few tax. Obama’s government will encourage companies to allocate more than ninety percent of its manufacturing process in the country in the event that its goods and services are widely consumed in the country. Whatever profit they earned they will be encouraged to reinvest more than fifty percent in the country. Companies will also ensure that their workers have a good health care and standard health insurance that will be suitable for all the workers.

They will also ensure that workers have a smart security during retirement. On Trade Obama’s government will reject any trade that makes only the people on top to be rich. A good trade should in corporate all the people. The goal of trade will be to work for its entire people. His government will reject CAFT because in CAFTA the workers needs have not been put into consideration. His Government will continue to conquer with the Peru Free trade agreement because in it the labor laws and the environment have been considered widely.In his Government globalization benefit will be spread by trade instead of implementing it when making the America workers to suffer.

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