Barack Obama’s Final Campaign Rally Essay

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Barack Obama’s Final Campaign Rally

The final speech Barrack Obama made the night before the election. The artifact examined in this paper is the final speech of then-presidential candidate Barrack Obama in the state of Virginia at the night before the election. It is his last chance to address and persuade the people to vote for him in the coming election. • The search model used: The Neo-Aristotelian approach of rhetorical criticism was used to analyze the artifact. The Neo-Aristotelian approach was used to analyze Barrack Obama’s speech in this paper.

This approach covers all significant areas to determine the genre of the speech. This leads to the understanding of the presidential made by Barrack Obama in the campaign period. • The thesis: “The speech Obama is analyzed to provide an understanding of the rhetorical style that successfully helped him be elected as the president of the U. S. ” The thesis of the speech analysis on Barrack Obama’s last address to the public aims to understand its significance to his whole campaign as it made a conclusion on the series of speeches he made during the campaign period. Summary of Analysis:

• Rhetorical situation: The last speech Obama made before the election in Virginia, Republican state, is very significant to analyze the whole period of his campaign. This speech is said to have win him the election. It is evident that the analysis of this speech will make way to understanding of what is the approach the Obama did in his long campaign for it is the conclusion of all his speeches and it is the night before the election. • How the search model was applied to analysis of the artifact: The speech analysis makes use of canons of rhetoric presented by Aristotle.

The speech analysis makes use of the five canon of rhetoric in the Neo-Aristotelian approach to analyze the detail of the speech. The speech was analyzed using the canons like invention, arrangement, elocution, memory and delivery. And the speech was found to be outstanding in the five canons. Conclusion: • Usefulness of the search model: The Neo-Aristotelian Approach gave way to a detail analysis of the speech that made Obama the 44th president of the United States.

The approach use in this analysis clearly covers all components the speech has to measure its effectiveness to the public. It is found that Obama is very good oratorical speaker that awarded him an advantage in the election. • Value of doing the paper: The analysis gave way to the understanding that the Obama I definitely won the public in his speeches. This analysis prove the claim that Obama touch the hearts on the American people by delivering such effective speeches that presented what he is and what he wanted to do in the future when he become president.

His speeches instill such great impact to the public it probably influences the people to strive for the change. Supporting Material: • Visual aid: The sign of a major event held by officers in roads covered in the rally. The Obama party uses sign boards that says a major event happening and that they have to expect heavy traffic somewhat affected people stuck in traffic to attend in the rally. • Audio: The Stevie Wonder’s song Signed, Sealed, Delivered is a major factor which conveys meaning from the speech.

The Stevie Wonder song at the end of the speech made a great impact to the listeners of the speech for it gives a message that Obama will do what he promise and that he mean what he said. • Other: The “yes, we can” tagline and the “fired up, ready to go” chant. The meaning involve his tagline ensures the American that they can change anything if they want to. And the chant is use to make the people in the rally to remember what they just heard.

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