Barack Obama 'Yes We Can'

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“Yes we can” is one of the most influential phrases in the speeches of barrack obama, But this 10-min speech blew me away. This was a scripted speech, and one of the best written and delivered I have seen in some time. this short speech had it all: simple but eloquent and powerful language, and a strong yet upbeat, friendly delivery. I think that Barack Obama’s Victory speech was extremely inspiring, motivating, and most of all in my opinion comforting to a rehabilitating nation in dire need.

From the introduction of the speech one can clearly see that the tone of the speech is inspirational. The speech is about change, reaching for a higher purpose and uniting to solve the problems in America.

Obama sums up his introduction when he states: “We are hungry for change and we are ready to believe again.” The listener is curious to find out what exactly needs to be changed? President elect Barack Obama uses a variety of techniques to address and unify his audience.

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He uses the unity word “we” and “you”repeatedly throughout the speech. He includes the people and make them a sense of being participants. Obama’s use of second person, directly making reference of his audience, “tonight is your answer…it belongs to you…it cannot happen without you” is cleverly employed to demonstrate the importance of the individual and how his victory and future effort to change America will rely on the efforts of the collective.

In the mind of his audience, it is used to make people feel a sense of belonging, having their presence acknowledged.

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The message of the speech is “yes we can change, if you elect me.” Obama continually repeats this message as he wanted to drive it home to the audience. It is a classic technique in Obama’s victory speech making and in design as well. If there was one thing that they would remember from the speech it is that catch phrase or sound bite. Obama uses this catch phrase six times in the last three paragraphs! This repetition is used to…

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Barack Obama 'Yes We Can'

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