Banquo’s Murder Macbeth Essay

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Banquo’s Murder Macbeth

This morning, our beloved Banquo, friend of the king, was found dead. His body, bearing a slit throat and twenty deep lacerations to the face, was discovered by a farmer from the area. The farmer discovered the body outside of his Salmon farm roughly a mile from castle Dunsinane. The motive for this horrific act is still questionable. Upon questioning the farmer police were unable to discover any leads. Although the farmer produced no useful information the crime scene yielded a possible location for authorities to begin the search.

When officials investigated the ditch were Banquo was found they observed footprints and drags marks that led to the road outside Castle Dunsinane, there was also another set of footprints that led straight to the castle to suggest a possible connection between the castle and the murderers. When the authorities found the scene where Banquo was expected to be murdered, a total of five sets of footprints were found at the crime scene along with blood and two sets of horse’s hoofs.

The police were able to eliminate two sets of footprints as Banquo’s and another as his son Fleance’s, based on the size. What still concerns authorities is the disappearance of the young Fleance. The boy was thought to be with Banquo at the time of the murder. Police are searching for the boy diligently. The face of the murdered Banquo after his body was found a mile from Castle Dunsinane. The face of the murdered Banquo after his body was found a mile from Castle Dunsinane.

From the crime scene the police have concluded that they are looking for three possible murders. With the fifth set of footprints leading away from the scene, police began their search at the castle. The authorities talked with King Macbeth, who was reported to have been acting strangely at the court gathering the previous night. The king said, “I drink to…our dear friend Banquo, whom we miss. ” The king continued on to say that he will miss his good friend and also hopes that Banquo finds heaven.

Lady Macbeth was also asked for a statement and she refused, saying only she was too weak with sadness to speak of the event. In conclusion, authorities have no credible leads or motives for this terrible crime at this time. Police ask that anyone with any information regarding the murderers contact them at their field office. Their office is in Castle Dunsinane on the second floor, they ask that people with information please contact them as soon as possible.

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