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There are some problems in bank’s home office and branches. These problems have some cause. From what I noticed from the case above, there are mainly three problems that caused the problem in the bank’s home office and branches. Firstly, the home office does not provide any training for employees. That’s why when Jack Nelson was introduced to the entire employee in the home office; he was introduced to Ruth Johnson. Ruth Johnson working for two months but she does not know about the machine that she was using.

But she operates the machine properly. Organization did not oriented and trained her properly. If organization trained her well Johnson will clear about her job and responsibility. Secondly, there are lack of communication among the branches between supervisor and employees. The main issue in this case is employee turnover was high during past eight years, as a result supervisor tried to find a suitable employee to replace the worker who had quit.

We know that employee turnover is a costly expense especially in lower paying job roles, for which the employee turnover rate is highest. There was no standardization of recruitment process in organization.

They had also lack of communication process. Because all branch office hired employee without communicate whit their home office. Lastly, the bank home office does not have Human Resources Department. Most of the problem that appeared in the case is related to employees’ issue. Therefore, having a HR department can reduce the issue regarding employees among the branches and home office.

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Question 2: Do you think setting up an HR unit in the main office would help? Answer: HR unit would help main office in many ways. Setting up an HR department could help a lot in the main office because the main purpose of why HR department is available in a company is because they are in charge of all the employees by recruiting, provide training, appraising, and compensating them.

This bank’s major problem is employee turnover. If they set up a Human Resource unit in the main office, this unit will control the recruitment process; they will also build up good communication with their internal employee. At present bank have no specific policy for managing. HR unit give them a structural policy, which help them. HR unit will analysis the job and they will hired the right person for the right job. Additionally, HR department is important to all managers in the main office.

There are many advantages of having a HR department in the main office. Firstly, it can help to prevent hiring wrong person for the job in main office. For example, people who have engineering background may not suitable for working in a company but more suitable in a factory. Secondly, whenever there is a high turnover of employees, HR department can help to reduce it because they can tend to recruit employees and train them to be more committed to the main office.

Thirdly, when an employee’s performance is low then, HR department will take action of transferring the particular employee to training or counseling so that, can find out the problem within that employee. So setting up an HR unit would definitely help the main office.

Question 3: What specific functions should an HR unit carry out? What HR functions would then be carried out by supervisors and other line managers?


The functions an HR Unit should carry out are given below:
Job analyses,
Planning employee needs and recruiting,
Providing advising and training in the selection process,
Orientation of new employees,
Managing wage and salary administration,
Managing incentives and benefits,
Providing and managing the performance appraisal process,
Organization-wide communications,
Providing training & developing services.
Supervisors and Other Line Managers should carry out the functions given below: Interviewing and selection of job candidates,
Training new employees,
Appraising performance,
Departmental & personal communications,
Training & development.

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