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Banking System Essay Examples

Maybank online banking system

...Maybank online banking system has provided its full day access to bank accounts and advanced services. Currently, users can now check their finances status with a click of button. They can also view their bank statements, check the balances or manage some transaction by using the online banking system. Recently Maybank had taken a huge step by announcing its internet banking services for the customers. This is due to achieve the same standard as other conventional banking facilities that are in ...

Impact of Electronic Banking System

...Banking? International Finance Vol. 3, No. pp. 211 – 27 Friedman B. (1999). The future of Monetary Policy: The Central Bank as an Army with Only a Signal Corps? International Financial, Vol. 2. No. 3 pp. 321 – 38. Goodhart Charles A.E (2000) can Central Bank Survive the IT Revolution? International Finance Vol. 3, No. 2 pp. 189 – 209 Hackathorn. R (2003) Factor for Implementing Active Data warehousing datawarehouse. Com. Halleiner. E (1998) Electronic Money: A Challenge to the Sovereign st...

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