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1st week:

I started my first week of internship with the introduction of bank employees and its people around. I got to know that how to receive a customer and how to deal them effectively and efficiently. It automatically started developing interest in myself because it was quiet relevant to my field and not only laymen were there but also the people belonging to every industries were there for their transactional needs. I could interact with all of them.


  • Operations department
  • Service quality department
  • Account department
  • Personal banking assistance department
  • Business development department

On the very first day I came to know about the introduction of bank and the people working in bank. I came to know about their duties and tasks to perform on their daily basis.

By the time my BM kept telling me about various tasks to perform. That was including

  • Account opening
  • Current/ saving accounts
  • ADC services
  • Cross sell
  • Term deposit account
  • Saving deposite account
  • Fixed deposit account
  • Meezan karoobari account
  • Meezan kafalah account
  • Meeezan bachat account

In this process I learnt about the basic features of account opening, its requirement and all the manual working that has to be done for account opening.

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2nd & 3rd week:

It started by the lectures of head of branch who always used to guide me early morning, which was called hurdle hour. He used to assigning tasks to me that what I have to do today.

It was my first experience to call myself being practical.

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I worked according to the instruction of PBM and BM in accounts operating in which first and foremost I learnt that how to deal with a customers.

By the time I kept learning that how to fill the account opening form.

Types of accounts:

  • Individual account
  • Joint account
  • Minor account
  • Sole proprietor account
  • Partnership account
  • Company account
  • Private ltd company
  • Trust/ NGO account

Requirements of account opening:

These are as follows: individual accounts:

  • Only one person can operate this account. We can can it a personal/ individual account
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Passport for foreign nationals

Salaried person:

  • Copy of recent pay slip
  • CNIC

Self-employed/ business person:

  • NTN number
  • Letterhead pad
  • Partnership deed if any

Housewives, students, retired:

  • Source of income of financial supporter

Illiterate customers:

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Two photographs
  • Any legal documents having photograph on it
  • Thumb expression


  • photocopy of CNIC of all the partners
  • Copy of partnership deed duly signed by the partners of firm.
  • Copy of registration certificate with register of firm and if it is unregistered it must be mentioned in account opening form.
  • NTN number
  • All the documents must be attested

Joint stock company

Resolution of BOD for opening of account and the name of person must be mentioned who is going to operate then account under the consent of all the shareholders.

  • Memorandum of association
  • Article of association
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of commencement of business
  • Attested photocopies of CNIC of all directors
  • Form 29

Trust account:

  • certificate of registration
  • photocopy of CNIC of all the trusties
  • attested copy of instrument

Nonresident Pakistani’s:

  • NICOP/CNIC of person
  • Visa or passport copy
  • Job proof/ business proof/ salary certificate/ slip
  • Expiration of visa must be noticed


  • B-form
  • CNIC of guardian
  • Guardian financial proof

Account opening form:

First of all the person have to tell that which nature of account he want to open in the bank. After the desire the basic information must be obtained including

Name. father name, mother name, CNIC number, date of birth, date of expiry of CNIC, source of income, monthly salary, monthly number of transactions, Gmail account if any, phone number,

  • Zakat deduction permission
  • ADC services
  • Signatures.

Specimen signature card (SS card):

This is the most important card which must has to be filled up right after the account opening form.The signature of the customer is to taken on it very carefully. This card includes:

  • Title of account
  • Product name
  • Currency
  • Branch name
  • Signature of the relevant person
  • Account number.

Completion of the form:

After completing account opening form the bankers make sure that the form is completely signed by the customer and then he sent it to operations manager or the authories for verification.

Computerized checking:

After filling the form the operation manager connects via internet to the NADRA website for checking the record of the customer this process is basically called biometric. The record of the customer must be satisfactory and if he found it satisfactory he allow the PBO to open the account in the bank under is authority stamp.

Stamping on AOF:

When the AOF is stamped it has to be sent to branch manager for authorization.

Initial deposit:

When the account is opened, an initial deposit must be taken up by the banker from the customers including ADC charges. It the whole process which takes approximately 5 days to complete including account opening, ADC activation and check book receiving.

Cheque book issuance:

Customer must have to come for the cheque book receiving, in asaan account the cheque book normally contains 10 leafs and it mostly goes to 100 leafs.

Amendments in accounts:

If any amendment has to be made including cutting, changing, the sign of the customer must be taken up in the front of the changing made by the customers.

Closing of an account:

If the person want to close the account he have to fulfill some requirements.

  • Person must have to visit the branch
  • Filling account closure form
  • Signature must be matched with account opening form
  • Signature of branch manager
  • Date and time stamp on account closure form when the account is being closed.

Dormant account:

Dormant account is an account which is not being used by the customer since last six months. The bank has an obligation to close the dormant accounts not being used by the customers because these are considered as an expense for the bank. Bank gives three times call to the customer to activate or closing of the account, if the customer is not going to response the bank, bank has a right to close the account.

If the customer want to reactivate the account, he must need to visit the bank and after visiting CNIC copy must be attached with it.

Tail management:

Tail management accounts are including those accounts whose balances are below 5000 rupees. I called them to make them aware that to maintain your account with an average balance. It must be above 5000 rupees.

Locker facility:

Locker facility is also available at all branches of meezan bank. For the privacy of the customer’s goods, lockers are located underground and only the officials are allowed to go under stairs. If the customers wants to visit their lockers there in and out time must be noticed.

Locker types:

  • Small lockers
  • Medium lockers
  • Large lockers.


  • Small locker 3000
  • Medium locker 4500
  • Large lockers 6000

4th week:

I started my 4th week with the lecture of BM Mr. Rana Amir Mehmood.

Express account:

It is another addition of meezan bank which is used to facilitate the beneficiaries who uses the services of home remittance. Express account helps to maintain the balance in the accounts of people who uses the remittance facility. Only CNIC is required to open the account.

5th week:

I started my of 5th week ok internship with the lecture Mam Hina of clearing department. The basic function of the clearing department is to facilitate the customers.


It actually means the transfer of funds from one bank to another bank on which the instrument is drawn without involving cash through state bank clearing house.

Clearing house:

It is the place where cheques are presented, collected from bank branch. NIFT is performing the basic function of clearing.

Inward clearing:

It means by the cheques received by the bank from others banks

Outward clearing:

Outward clearing means the cheques sent for other banks.

6th week:

I started my last week of internship with the lecture of Mr. Safdar and Mr. Waqar Mirza who told me about the customer finance department. They told me the customer finance department provides the services of personal usage services including constructing a home, purchasing a car and a laptop.

Home finance:

Meezan bank is providing services of home financing to its customers who are desiring to make their homes but cannot afford the money.

Car ijarah:

Meezan bank car ijarah is an auto finance facility on the basis of rental agreement under which car is given to the customer on rent for an agreed time period.

New knowledge acquired:

Apart from all the given targets, I learnt a lot including,

  • Customer dealing
  • Clearing process
  • Account opening
  • Lockers overdue letter
  • Mark for closure file
  • Compliance link
  • SMP
  • Stamping
  • Filing of TDR’s
  • Worked on daily position

Problems encountered:

On the very first day, it was not possible for me to understand all the issues at once. The issues I had faced were the following,

  • Public dealing
  • Account opening
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding of problems compliances

The basic problem that I had to face was the using of their specific software which they often call SMP (sales management process). It was carrying its own requirements which I initially understand and then I started doing, y work computerized.

How experience impacts my career:

In the beginning I was completely blank about the banking system because I haven’t go there neither I have taken it as my career ever but when I started going internship ther. I found it so enjoyable for me. I never found it tiring and I always enjoyed the tenor in which in stayed there. I feel like I have taken foot step in my professional life and I was actually happening. After completing my internship I feel that I am able to make banking as my career because it really impacted my professional thoughts.


In the end, I would say that meezan bank has proven outstandingly awesome for me. The environment and the staff is overwhelming and very supportive. I not only worked there but it was my first experience to interact with customers on the spot. It is just because of Meezan bank who provided me that much confidence to deal and to work in that kind of organization which is considered productive not only in Pakistan but all around the globe. I had a great experience working with meezan bank who has provided an opportunity to show my abilities and not just my abilities but I also got to know about the places where I am lacking and the points where I am having a full grip.

In the end, I am highly thankful to all Meezan Bank team, my branch manager (Mr. Amir Mahmood) All the PBO’s, BDO’s my operation manager (Muhammad muddasar) and all the staff of accounts department.


Bank is currently working outstandingly but to make it more effective

  • Staff need to work with full of mutual consideration and cooperation.
  • There must be a complete set-up for receiving the customer.
  • Staff must need to understand their allotted responsibilities to make the banking environment and operations to work more smoothly.
  • Everybody should consider bank’s targets to their own targets.

Summary of learning:

Before the internship I was completely blank about the banking operations, functions, environment and I was not even able to deal with customers because I have never interacted with them before.

  • Got confidence of dealing with the customers
  • Learned how to do paperwork in the bank
  • Learned teamwork
  • To handle and manage the customers
  • To behave normally and politely
  • To work in an office environment
  • To deal and manage with the situation of stress
  • To know about the technology utilization in the bank
  • Got good communication skills
  • Experienced the professional ethics
  • Discovered to work in a team
  • Became punctual



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