Bangladeshi Film Industry Essay

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Bangladeshi Film Industry

Dhallywood, which is a nickname commonly used for film industry in Bangladesh, has had quite an advantage since 1971 as far as facing competition is concerned, but is most probably about to lose it for good. When it was separated from Pakistan, they established a law to protect their film production by excluding and prohibiting Indian films. But this non-competitive situation led to a disastrous state of the industry. They did not innovate nor care about and use new technologies and had fallen into the state of disregard. As a result of lesser films produced every year (ten years ago it was about 100, nowadays it is only sixty and the prognosis are that it will drop even lower), many halls and cinemas have been closed and/or transformed into stores.

On one hand film-makers strongly disagree with cancelling the prohibition of Indian films, but on the other hand there are the owners of cinemas who would welcome and appretiate the opportunity to broadcast other films as that would boast their income. General impression is that the current state of film-making industry here is not viable and needs to be revamped. Which could happen by means of cooperating with foreign experts and this way learning and improving one´s skills, as a Bangladeshi director, Ms Hossain, suggests. All in all, it seems that Bangladeshi original films will not be able to satisfy the demand which is in these days quite extensive and aimed at good-quality products and thus be forced to accept the competition very soon.

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