Bangkok Sukkha Phapdi Hospital Essay

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Bangkok Sukkha Phapdi Hospital

The Bangkok Sukkha Phapdi Hospital (BSPH) was opened on 1 January 1997. It is a private hospital offering a omprehensive array of medical treatments and is particularly well looked upon by patients in the USA and in the Middle East. BSPH was opened on 1 January 1997. From the start, the hospital adopted a different business approach from the other typical hospitals. The hospital’s outpatient foyer can outshine a five-star hotel’s lobby.

The wards are warmly decorated to resemble a hotel. There are separate floors to deal with patients arriving from the USA, Asia or the Middle East. Chefs are able to cook a variety of food to please the palate of visitors from the USA, the Middle East and Asia. An in-house travel agency offers visa extensions. And almost every process is digitised and connected with latest wireless technology.

For the past 16 years, its administrators have been acquiring state-of-the-art technology and experts from all over the world. Eight years ago, it replaced its paper records with a ‘homegrown, all-digital system’. The solution was developed by Bangkok-based Global Care Solutions (GCS), a company developing enterprise health solutions. The solution efficiently manages clinical workflow, billing, regulatory compliance and medical records.

International patients make up about 42% of the patient volume, but about 55% of the revenue because the patients who come to BSPH from international settings come for a mix of procedures and a fair number of those are higher end procedures. They make up an important part of the overall patient base and BSPH has developed services over the years to respond to their special requirements. Senior management at BSPH have always recognized the importance of knowledge as a hospital is, after all, a knowledge-intensive organization.

However, in recent times, they felt that a more formal approach to capturing and sharing knowledge created within and outside the organization is necessary. The aim is therefore to initiate a formal organizational knowledge management program. Knowledge has been recognized as one of the most important resources of the 21st century.

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