Bangkok Essay Topics

Trip to Bangkok

For the last six years I haven’t been to any part of the world besides Bangkok. I’ve had opportunities to go to the most romantic and ethereal places but instead I chose to go to Bangkok every year because it is one of the most diverse and exciting city of Asia to me. This year… View Article

Traffic Jams in Bangkok

Have you ever imagined Bangkok without any traffic jams? Well, I have, many times. The amount of transport vehicles in Bangkok adds up to a striking 6. 9 million, as for the rest of Thailand it comes to 23. 4million in total. According to data and statistics from World Health Organization (WHO), the number of… View Article

Poverty in Bangkok

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia and the only country in the region which was not touched by colonizers. The Asiarooms. com provided a proof to the common knowledge that name of the country came from the fact that being devoid of colonizer influence means they are free, thus Thailand means land of the… View Article

City of Angels

Bangkok known as KrunThep,which is Thai for “City of Angels,” beckons with its golden roofed temples and spicily curried cuisine. Seven million visitors come to Thailand each year spending an average of six to seven days because there is so much to see and to relish in this “Exotic Orient” as one enamored traveller dubbed… View Article