Bamboo Essay Topics

Bamboo Charcoal as a Soap

As the turning of page of calendar and, as the ticking of clock; the technology continuously rise up and the number of face problems rises. And it is the researchers’ reason why we have come to a decision to conduct a study regarding this research. Bambusa spinosa, commonly known as bamboo is not just a… View Article

The artisans’ works include making clay-pots

From the very beginning of our Banglee culture, pottery has represented our identity and lifestyle. The artisans’ works include making clay-pots, earthen ware, toys of clay and different idols of gods and goddesses have been the tradition of our culture. But it is now regrettable that in recent times, especially in the last decade potters… View Article

Intriguing Giant Panda Mysteries

While most adore their fluffy fur and round heads, which help give them their cuddly bear quality, others are fascinated by the many mysteries of the giant panda. Did you know that the giant panda may actually be a raccoon, they have an opposable pseudo thumb, and that they’re technically a carnivore even though their… View Article