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Bama Team Essay

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Bama is a team based company that takes care of its employees to ensure business growth. The People Assurance System (PAS) not only trains and informs but also makes sure that employees know the key expectations for their performances.  The company’s leadership system provides the framework for the PAS and integrates the leaders’ responsibilities with HR systems so that business objectives can be achieved. When certain profitability objectives are met, employees are also given additional compensation.

Applicants are hired based on basic requirements.

Hourly employees are hired through a temporary employment agency. Professional, technical and management employees come from internships, external recruiters, personal references, nationsjob.com and job fairs.

The leadership system has the Employee Success Discussions (ESD) and Organizational Development Discussions (ODD) where employees are given feedback and employee development opportunities. The ESD is a positive feedback system that provides the chance for hourly employees and their supervisors to discuss and plan performance issues.  The ODD provides management employees feedback from immediate bosses, customers, peers and direct reports.

These observations are also used by the training staff to modify their training offerings. The company also has the “promote from within” philosophy that allows employees to advance their positions based on their own merits.

The system also ensures the personal and professional growth of employees through tuition assistance programs, training programs, and technological and maintenance courses. All new employees are given on-the-job trainings.  Newly-hired managers are given a six hour session on culture, ethical standards and other company policies. Safety trainings have before and after evaluations that help assess development. The Six Sigma system assigns Black Belts that help teams attain goals. Update and just-in-time trainings that are extendable are given on applications and new processes. To ensure mastery, written course evaluations, in-class brainstorming of improvement ideas, post-testing, assessment and supervisors follow up.

Bama ensures employee support, satisfaction and retention by having surveys (semi-annual and even anonymous), roundtables, and focus groups. The HR also addresses financial compensation, benefits, personal development (e.g. Fitness Center), involvement, recognition, communication and leisure through its services. Other measures like accident rates and employee retention are also taken into consideration.

Employees are encouraged to give their improvement suggestions on human safety, product quality, processes to save time or money, equipment life and quality of life for employees through the Fresh Ideas Program. All employees, except for those paid hourly, get rewards and awards for it.

Effective two-way communication is vital to Bama.  For this, the company has established the Bama Communication and Sharing Process, a roundtable process, an open door policy and the Bama News. The business systems infrastructure also encourages skill sharing across units, jobs and locations.  Two-way radios are also provided for efficiency.

Healthy and safety of working environment are also priorities of Bama. It has a Key Elements plan, safety training programs and policies in place to secure implementation of safety laws..  Random drug testing is also done to ensure that Bama remains a drug-free workplace.

Monthly safety audits are also done to see potential hazardous situations. Employees may also write Safety Work Orders or Near Miss Reports. Security systems like staff, fences, gates, pass-coded doors and surveillance cameras are also regularly assessed. Emergency and disaster preparedness provisions include planning (using ammonia refrigeration systems), training (e.g. CPR and fire safety), drills and multiple production lines.

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