Balance Between Consumption and Renewal of Energy


It’s no news that energy consumption could be a basic a part of human existence. In today’s economy, energy use is increasing by the day. This has got to do with domestic electrical appliances factory-made for family consumptions and alternative industrial appliances employed in corporations for production of tools and services. Energy consumption rate isn’t slowing down, particularly not at this age where advancement in technological innovations has birthed totally different new gadgets being made by the day to create life easy life for an average individual.

Energy consumption recently has outweighed its production and if not checked might result in a harmful finish of human existence. Humans might pass if we fail to embrace a brand new approach which will maintain a balance between energy production and its consumption.

The power sector these days is losing tons of hold on energy as a result of it’s nonchalant attitude to address the problem of energy renewal and decentralization.

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There ought to be a balance between consumption and renewal of energy so as to bridge the gap between demand and supply of energy. the price of energy insufficiencies prompt the top user to pay more for energy consumed without optimum utilization.

The goal of Serenity is to bring back to the blockchain energy sector the potentials on how individuals act with these energy utilities by making them have management over the quantity of power they consume in correlation to the quantity they pay has customers. Serenity platform can have a connection with the National power sector and can offer the mandatory balance between electricity production and customers demand.

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Serenity will answer the requirement at the substation level, making it doable for structural transition to decentralization of energy and enrgy renewal.

Energy are going to be made locally and even be traded domestically to customers inserting minimum impact on the prevailing native grid, this can create high-voltage or low-voltage damaging situations to be avoided, and this can additionally lower the transmission loss that typically happens over long distance. Member customers can profit through lower rate of electricity consumption, they’ll additionally have bounce back deals for the production and exportation of revived energy.

Serenity aims at providing households with organically fitted renewable energy productions and capabilities. Households are going to be able to generate electricity domestically whereas being connected to a distributed grid, they’ll even be able to legitimise this act through incentives and rewards.

To achieve this deed, Serenity has developed a blockchain system which will provide associate degree and an unfair advantage to members making a true business model for them for property living and sleek transition towards renewable energy productions. Serenity will build a platform where all registered members and also the entire community of investors are going to be bound to have the benefit of their participation.

Serenity has developed a business model which will suit her vision and goal of providing property revived energy for client members. These among several others embody however not restricted to:

  • Energy Retail Services
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Carbon Credits monetisation
  • Residential Property Sales and income
  • HEPEK smart Device Sales and Lease
  • Serenity Platform dealing process Fees
  • Interest on Capital Backing ERGON Tokens
  • International Affiliates Licensing and then on

It is noteworthy that the Serenity Business Model is client based mostly and can afford client members the chance to be able to create use power at lower rates and additionally have interaction in energy retail services thereby creating cash from the sale of retailed energy to the members of the general public in sort of ERGON tokens which will lean within the Serenity community that they may use to buy Energy rates from Serenity. projects involving energy renewal production like alternative energy, wind energy and battery farms will be funded though the Serenity Energy initiative. All prosumers and customers are going to be eligible to receive ERGON tokens as rewards for their participation in lowering carbon emission and sustaining the system of the greenhouse.

Peer to peer commercialism platform on Serenity additionally afford members from an equivalent station the chance to commercialize their energy purchase by exchanging a considerable quantity of energy for a substantial variety of ERGON tokens directly given that production of energy meets the demand. Energy generators and prosumers might conceive to sell energy to end customers if they meet the demand of sale. Transactions on peer to peer commercialism platforms can attract alittle transaction process fee from the vendor as a commission.

Members acting on the Serenity community additionally get to redeem some tokens for their services, {they can|they’re going to|they’ll} be rewarded with a share of fragmental programmable revenue possession and that they will take pleasure in proportional revenue from energy sold-out.

Membership on the Serenity platform can consist of: prosumers, consumers, generators and community employees. In alternative to own access to Serenity services, each member can have to be compelled to open an account with Serenity, that is subjected to KYC verification method. All members will have to be compelled to deposit SERENITY tokens into the safety bonds smart contract that is similar to the quantity of energy which will be consumed by members on monthly basis.

Serenity tokens like SERENITY, ERGON and CARBON tokens can solely be used on Serenity platforms which can modify access to Serenity services.

SERENITY may be used to acquire fragmental programmed revenue just for members who have registered on HEPEK device alone.

ERGON token is a Serenity coin or cash that is employed for energy commercialism and may be acquired as a present for greenhouse emission reduction and for purchase of alternative product and services on the Serenity Platform. Purchase of ERGON tokens may be used to load registered HEPEK devices for energy use.

CARBON tokens are rewards given to the reduction of CO2 through obvious production of renewable energy.


There is little doubt there’s want for a sustainable renewable energy which will cater for the endless unquenchable demand for power that is one amongst the basics of continued human existence. Lack of sustainable energy has eluded humankind for a protracted amount of time and he has additionally been robbed of his authority as a client. This has created a strained relationship between the supplier of energy and their consuming counterparts. Fees beyond what customers used are charged and energy provided to them are below par or don’t meet their demand.

In the light of this, Serenity has been charged with responsibility to supply a sustainable energy through primary natural resources like the Sun, Wind, trees and alternative natural bodies within the system through the blockchain technology. Serenity additionally took a step further by providing a business model for those who conceive to key into this project through completely different commercialism platforms and sales that afford members a sponsored energy rate usage and that they can even wholesalers or retailers of energy to the Serenity Community.

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