Bakeries in Billericay Essay

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Bakeries in Billericay

I think that this pricing scheme seems like a fairly good one to use. The prices are similar to, if not better than the prices of the other bakeries in Billericay. All well as these prices, there might be various special offers on products such as buy on, get one free or special prices when a certain number of a product is purchased. This pricing scheme is not set in stone as the business progresses, the pricing can be altered accordingly. Place

This particular P can’t really be sorted out by using the research undertaken, but by looking at the positions of the other bakeries, and which areas are the most populated. The best place for my bakery would be near one end of the high street, because people enter the high street from either one of the ends, and exit out of either one of the ends. That makes this a good place for the bakery because people leaving or entering the high street might like to have a quick snack at that point. For that matter, the middle of the high street would be fairly good, but I think either end would be better.

My bakery would need to go at the end which has a bakery furthest away from it, so it isn’t too close to a potential rival. Basically, it needs to be where the most people tend to be at one time and a fair distance away from other bakeries, so there are no rivals too close. Promotion Considering the fact that the bakery is a fairly small business, no massive advertising campaign can really be done, but that isn’t really needed for this business anyway. Billericay is a fairly small area, so a large campaign is not required at all.

A television campaign is way too extreme because Billericay is a small place it doesn’t need to be broadcast across the country. A radio campaign might be a bit more sensible, but it still isn’t really required. The best bet for this bakery would be to put advertisements in local newspapers or magazines because they only apply to this area and they are widely read by people. The best method, however, would be to use posters I think. These do cost a fair bit to produce, but are generally more effective when used.

They can be put anywhere, so can be put where more people are to notice them best. Also, they are more eye-catching then ads in the papers or magazines because they are larger and can be more colourful. They can also give more information than small adverts, due to the fact that they are bigger, obviously. In general, for this campaign, the best thing to do would be to produce a fair amount of posters, and put these up around place where lots of people go, so they can be easily seen, such as on the walls of Waitrose, the local supermarket.

This is where many local people do there shopping, so would be a good bet. Another good bet would be in newsagents, because lots of people go there to buy little snacks, and newspapers and stuff. There should also be ads put in the local papers that get put through letterboxes, such as the Billericay and Wickford Gazette. Everyone gets these local papers, so that would be a great way to let people know about the business.

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