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Bad School System

Categories: School

What are schools doing for us? If nothing then what can we do to improve them?

I think they aren’t doing anything. I have never truly believed about this idea up until I began research. I think that I am fairly clever, but it is more of after school instead of school itself. I was seeing a TED TALK from Ken Robinson and he was speaking about how schools kill imagination. He talks about how schools are proficient at making individuals who do their jobs effectively.

He likewise states that those exact same people are doing that job since they don’t have any other choice. By revealing this he is trying to show that school kills imagination. Salman Khan the founder of Khan Academy speaks about how students don’t get to deal with their own rate. Dave Eggers the founder of 826 Valencia talks about how trainees require 1-1 attention to learn their skills.

Ken Robinson has various videos on school all talking about how school has issues that require to be solved.

The one that I enjoyed was “Ken Robinson states schools eliminate creativity”. He speaks about how school trains you in such a way that creates a fear of making errors. He states, “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, then you will never ever be original”. We are being educated out of imagination. Teachers are not all set to have things be incorrect. When grading test or any sort of work there is no such thing as maybe, it is perfect or wrong.

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There are always those kids who are over the top wise and there are those kids that are extremely innovative however not as clever. In this circumstance you understand that the kid who has the brains is going to get the appeal. No one is going to go to the innovative kid for help although he/she may have something worth stating. Then those creative kids will also have to adapt to the school system and eventually lose their creativity.

Salman Khan has one very important video on TED and it talks about how students do really get to learn on their own pace in school. The TED TALK is called “Let’s use video to reinvent education”. In this video he talks about his website In this website he has different topics for which he has videos for. He also has sort of an online learning system on the same website. In that learning system they want you to master different concepts that you are having trouble with. So they show you videos on how to do the problem then set you on your own. If you still don’t have perfection then they allow you to repeat. They want you to master the concept by letting you do the whole process as many times as you like. By this you are allowed to learn at your own pace. In school you learn a chapter take a test then move on.

Even if you didn’t understand you move on, also the students who get like 90 to 99.9% they still might have some problems that they didn’t understand. I also experienced Khan Academy, I have an account and I am always using it when I need help on something. Dave Eggers has one video on TED and it talks about why students are happier to go to tutoring rather than school itself. In his TED TALK “Once Upon a School” he shows the audience of a place that he created called 826 Valencia. This is a shop that he founded in which he connected a newspaper editor center, a pirate shop, and a after school tutoring center. He says that students come there running after school to do homework.

That’s not really something that you think of. The students get help on any HW especially their English homework. He has his Newspaper crew and volunteers help students 1-1 on HW. He has students write books and then publishes the books. He says that students need 1-1 time with whomever they are working with. In school students don’t really get 1-1 time during school to talk about things that they are having trouble with and stuff like that. In a year he has over 1,400 volunteers helping run 826 Valencia.

He thinks that if students are able to have 1-1 time with teachers on their work then they would be more creative. They students would never know if they were doing well or if they needed to improve in certain areas. If you haven’t watched this TED TALK them I recommend every one the watch it. All three of these guys show great ways to improve the School system. These guys are already doing it outside of school, which shows that our School System isn’t really great. There are many problems with our School System we just never think about them as students. You would never think that School would kill your creativity, but when you think about it…

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