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Bad news letter About a Car

Categories: News

Thank you for bringing in your Mercedes-Benz C300. We greatly appreciate that you chose us to tend to your vehicle concerns and we fully agree with you that vehicles of this standard should not be experiencing problems two years after the original purchase. In this regard Nelson Automotive Limited provide our customers with excellent after service for their pre-owned luxury vehicles and offer one year warranty on all vehicle parts.

The replacement of vehicle parts for your four year old 2010 model would commence after a period of five years under normal circumstances.

However, upon inspection our engineers discovered that the recommended brake fluid as stated in your vehicle manual was not used and as such shortened the life span of the part which resulted in brake malfunction. Although your vehicle is past the one year warranty, we can and will help you restore your automobile to its original working condition. Our company is certified to conduct repairs on your vehicle and our approved mechanical engineers can source the required part in approximately three weeks.

The cost of the part and installation is three thousand dollars ($3,000.00). The original part will be sourced from its manufacturer abroad to ensure the safety and efficient operation of your vehicle and our company is dedicated to pay all shipping costs and offer a warranty for a period of thirty days on repairs done. We also invite you to visit our showroom at the end of the year for our year end upgrade sale, where you can view and trade in for a more recent Mercedes Benz model at the best industry price.

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We will keep in touch and will update you on the progress of your vehicle repairs. For further inquiries, please contact Ms. Alice George, our customer service representative of the Repairs Department at 662-2369.

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