Bad Influence of Smoking Essay

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Bad Influence of Smoking

About harm of smoking is written everywhere. Every day in the world the huge number of people dies from diseases caused by smoking. Smokers continue to smoke not just because of their addiction to nicotine. They think the act of smoking makes them look cool, powerful and attractive. That is why they continue to smoke despite knowing well the numerous health hazards of smoking. Firstly, women who smoke actually harm themselves and the future posterity. The woman should protect the organism in every possible way as she becomes a mother. Smoking during pregnancy can gravely harm the health of the baby. Tobacco chemicals can enter the blood stream of fetus and affect the baby’s health. Smoking during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, low birth weight, preterm delivery and even neonatal death.

Children of smoking mothers can suffer from frequent illnesses like respiratory problems, ear aches and colds. If you wish to bear a child, you better bit give up to smoking. Women smokers can suffer from reduced fertility and their ability to experience a healthy pregnancy is also much reduced. Even if you don’t smoke, you may still be harmed by secondhand smoke. In fact, passive smoking can be more harmful. This is because more than inhaled smoke , the smoke emanating off the burning cigarette end contains harmful substances like nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. Elderly persons, pregnant mothers, children are generally the most affected by others smoke around them.

Personally I am against smoking in public places. Although i understand that personal rights of other people should be respected, it seems that smokers often neglect the rights of other people. For example, several times I have seen people smoking in bus and other public places and they didn’t care about a ban or about the fact that their smoking bothers other people. They continued smoking unless somebody asked them to stop. I believe that smoking in public places should not be tolerated. Eradicate cigarettes from lives of people is not possible for many reasons. Even if we fight against smoking, it will not help because ”the forbidden fruit is sweet”. If a person wants to give up smoking, he will give up. Other way just simply does not present.

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