Bad Habits From the Television Program in the United States

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There have been many problems with people saying that the kids these days try to imitate or they picked up bad habits from television. This whole idea that parents are getting is wrong. I believe almost every child knows between what is right and what is wrong. They are going to do whatever they want and nine times out of ten they will understand the consequence. Irresponsible parents use celebrities as an excuse for their lack of proper parenting. Also, its a scapegoat for their children who arent smart enough to make the right decisions.

I strongly agree that the parents should be at fault. Parents who know their childrens thoughts and feelings towards things are usually the best parents. If parents know what their children are like, you should know more about their personality. If a parent doesnt like what their children watch or listen to, why cant they block it off? What if a celebrity doesnt want to be a role model because he knows he is a bad person for children to look up to?

Some celebrities, like Marilyn Manson and Eminem are not trying to be role models.

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I guess that is why the parents of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the murderers of the Columbine massacre, tried to find an excuse. They probably walked into their childrens bedroom, looked around a little, and made up some stupid excuse, saying movies and singers provoked their children. In my opinion, I listen to all sorts of music especially rap, but I never act upon the lyrics.

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Before I turned twenty-one I drank alcohol. In a lot of the rap songs they always talk about drinking and that sort of stuff. But I drank because I wanted to, I liked it and we were kids that loved to party. Our group never was caught but if we were to, would we blame it on a rap video we saw? No way, its unbelieveable how irresponsible some people are. If a kid does act upon a movie or music video then they have some real problems. In a Rollin Stones Magazine, Marilyn Manson talked about celebrities, movies, music, and books not being the blame for anything in the world. He said, It is sad to think that the first few people on the earth needed no books, movies, games, music or any kind of influence at all to inspire cold blooded murder.

The day Cain bashed his brother Abels brain in, the only motivation he needed was his own human disposition to violence. He also talks about how reporters talk more about killers than heroes do. Newspaper reporters will write about a killer for almost more than a week, while a hero will only be mentioned for maybe a day or two. Has the media turned criminals into folk heroes? Manson also said, If you want to find out whos to blame for anything wrong in the world, throw a rock and whoever you hit will be someone who is guilty. If everyone in the world is turning violent, then why are there news broadcasts, newspapers, and books? They should just ban horror books and violent movies. If a child is not allowed to watch any violent movies, books or music, he can always turn on the news. The news shows the most violent and is easy to turn on and not get in trouble for watching it. If the parents bring the children up the right, such as with respect, morals, loyalty, honesty then the child will live a happy life. I am fortunate enough to have responsible parents who taught me right from wrong. The kids who act like theyre wrestlers and imitate the moves shouldnt be allowed to watch it or listen to anything violent until they are old enough to understand. I have been in many scruffles you could say but it wasnt because I wanted to be like someone else. In conclusion, the parents should take full responsibility for their childrens action and if they are a teenager then your actions should speak for yourself. When or if I ever become a parent and if I dont think something is appropriate for my children I will turn it off and have a talk to my kids about how it is fake and why I dont what them to watch or listen to it. All the cases and situations I have heard about is just out of insanity.

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