Background of the study Essay

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Background of the study

San Diego county is widely surrounded by very many activities. It is known to host various tournaments especially golf and also a place for tourists commonly known as a ‘visitors travel. ’ It is known to have many individuals who carry out retail merchandising and equipment manufacturing. Problem statement The community at large is very industrialized with very many business-minded individuals. This community is largely equipped with all the resources to make it a tourist attraction centre.

With this in mind, it is very important to consider that disasters do happen and the repercussions can be quite costly. This proposal therefore wants to shed light on risk management practices that can be done incase of a major disaster. Project description The project that the Financial Team wants to undertake involves hosting a San Diego super bowl that will be held at the end of the year. It is for this reason that individuals need to be informed on risk management strategies.

The main goal of the proposal is to ensure that every organization, sector, industry or company is well equipped to ensure that incase of disasters then disaster management programs will be in place to alter the course of destruction. The objectives of this proposal is to assess the effect of this project on event of disaster, the role that risk management has played in preparedness of individuals on disaster occurrence and to determine whether risk management has been a key leader in effecting performance of organizations. Evaluation plan Risk is the result of vagueness of objectives.

These uncertainties include legal liabilities, failure of projects, accidents, disasters or natural calamities. Risk management is the assessment of risks and how they occur and then the deliberated effort to reverse the effect, minimize or control the probability of disastrous events and maximization of opportunities. The benefit of risk management is that there is maximization of opportunities and control of adverse effects that facilitate the achievement of objectives. Reduction of risks may occur since there is supervision in the identification of risks.

In addition, goals are more likely to be achieved since there is identification of the weak areas, which have been taken care of. Risk management eliminates the existence of the effect of any uncertainty. The negative effects of risk management are that there is wastage of time over risk of uncertainties that may never occur. Diversion of resources in preparing to launch this super bowl are evident and this resources can be used elsewhere more effectively. There is risk of diversion of individuals to this super bowl hence risking uncompleted projects at their place of business.

This proposal therefore wants to appeal to the San Diego city council to perform their obligations by providing funds. These funds will be utilized according to the proposed subject of informing people on disaster preparedness. It is with due hope that the county council takes into consideration the interests of the county at large and will not overlook this proposal. There has been a lot of ignorance on this issue and we as a consulting firm have noted that most industries take for granted small issues like equipping their industry with fire extinguishers.

This has raised concern with our team where we have consulted and conducted an investigation, which shows that managers of companies have little knowledge of disaster preparedness. The disaster preparedness of evading natural disasters is also another concern. We have noted that the people of San Diego are building very high storied buildings out of stone. Incase of disasters like hurricanes these buildings can cause harm to passerbys’ and make them get injured because of the content of this material which is stone.

The team of consultants agree that it is a worthy cause that will be beneficial to all residents of San Diego. Budget request It is with a lot of consultations that we have come to agree that the funding that we require one billion dollars for this project. Allocation to the promotions that will take place to aware the residents will be two hundred million, buying the necessary equipment will require three hundred million dollars, tickets to the super bowl will require one million dollars and as well as payment for those who will be conducting this event which will amount to four hundred million dollars.

This budget estimate has been approved by everyone and is thought to be efficient to enable us be able make this proposal a success. Applicant’s capability The Financial team has been in operation since 1989 and has been known to be very efficient in consultancy matters. This team of experts has advised individuals, upcoming entrepreneurs and big-sized firms to become more efficient than they are now. FUTURE FUNDING PLANS The team also wants to continue this good work of educating individuals in the near future. This will be done by hosting another super bowl.

This proposal is entitled to enlighten individuals on how to manage risks likely to be associated with holding an event of this caliber. This will ensure that they will not forget. There will also be future developments on doing research which will help us identify better ways of curbing such risks. This research will entail looking at better ways to carry out businesses and instead of using individuals to detect the risk there can be use of computer controlled gadgets in the future. References Miner,T. J & Miner, E. L. (2008). Proposal,Planning & Writing. New Jersey. ABC-CLIO.

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