Study Abroad Grants

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Study Abroad Grants

GRANT INFORMATION SHEET CIP awards these funds to help support SJU undergraduate students with financial need in covering the costs of studying abroad for a semester or academic-year program. Awards are made twice a year. Scholarship award amounts vary and depend on financial need. Award amounts are estimated to be between $500-$3,000 each and are awarded on a need and merit basis. The award is credited to a student’s SJU account. This award is contingent upon students completing the overseas study abroad program.

SJU reserves the right to amend or rescind the award.


Students must: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? be full-time undergraduates enrolled in a degree program at SJU at time of application. be pursuing full-time academic course load abroad meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement for the intended program fill out a FAFSA form to determine need have an application status of “complete” according to SJU and intended program meet application criteria of CIP and the university/program to which they are applying.

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The student may apply for a grant prior to being accepted to a study abroad program, but the award will only be made once CIP has received official acceptance notification directly from program.

inform CIP of intent to participate in a timely fashion and complete the program. be in good academic and disciplinary standing at time of application and throughout duration of program submit the application form and typed essay to CIP by: Oct. 15 for spring study abroad and March 15 for fall & year study abroad.

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1. Upon completion of the study abroad program, the student is REQUIRED to submit a written report to the Scholarship Committee within two (2) months of the completion of the studies. The report shall outline the program and the course of studies, with comments on the program, the institution visited, the housing/living experience, and the benefits derived from participating in the program. Instructions on how to do so will be furnished to the student upon receipt of the award.

2. Upon completion of the program, the student will complete and return to CIP a Program Evaluation form.

3. Upon return to campus after completing the semester or year abroad, the student pledges to attend at least one (1) CIP study abroad event each semester to help promote the program he/she attended or encourage study abroad in general.

Note: Applications must be complete and submitted on or before the application deadline dates of October 15 for Spring study abroad and March 15 for Fall and Year study abroad. Late applications cannot be reviewed. The scholarship committee will meet after the application deadlines to review completed applications which meet the criteria outlined above. Students will be notified of their status by approximately late November for spring study abroad and early June for fall and year study abroad. Center for International Programs ¦5600 City Ave ¦ Philadelphia, PA 19131 ¦ 610-660-1835 ph ¦ 610-660-1697 fax.

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Study Abroad Grants

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