Bachelor in British Law Essay

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Bachelor in British Law

I am a passionate, persistent individual who wills to become a bachelor in British Law, in order to, further on, exert the profession of a lawyer. I am and have always been deeply interested in the principles of justice, which I try to put into action in my everyday life. My intention on entering a Law School is acquiring a deeper knowledge on the subject which has always been my main interest, both in my social and in my personal life. One might perhaps marvel that a Brazilian would rather join an British law school rather than one in his home country; the main reason why I am convinced that studying law in the United Kingdom, more precisely in England, is the absolute passion and interest I have always had for this country throughout my whole life, also extending to the field of law.

My interest in Law and Rights first blossomed at the age of seven, when problems like alimony and share of goods showed up after my parents’ divorce, raising my interest to the mutual dissatisfaction of each with different matters concerning law, which made me wonder to what extent Divorce Law in Brazil was fair to both sides of the divorce. Moreover, I also have been told the basics of the profession by uncles – who are bachelors in Brazil – and about how time-demanding and complex it can be. My uncle also told me, though, that as long as it is exerted for passion, and not for other reasons, the high charge of work and responsibility are not a burden, but a pleasure.

So high was my interest in analyzing processes and things alike that I got to spend hours with these uncles, asking questions about their procedures and their opinion about processes. I believe that my differential contribution to the university is based on the cultural interchange interchanged I have been through between the years 2011 and 2013, during which I have been living in Germany in a boarding school, understanding the functionality of a community in the sense that, unlike day schools, offers an intense interaction with other students and teacher, and the constant presence of academic pressure. Together with my coming to Europe in 2011 came the interest of studying in an International Baccalaureate school in order to, later on, fulfill my dream of studying Law in the UK.

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