Baby boomer Essay Topics

Social Groups in American History

After WWII women, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Whites all set out to establish a set of desires and wants we call the American Dream. Not just to have money and be successful but to ensure that all men are equal, to have the freedom to do what we want and practice our beliefs, and to fight… View Article

Baby Boomers Effect on Health Care

As the baby boomer generation begins to reach retirement age, there has been much speculation as to what affect they will have on the health care industry. The baby boomer generation is the group of people born between 1946 and 1964. At one point, there were more than 76 million of them, of which 4… View Article

How does the Internet Affect Young People?

How does the Internet Affect Young People? There is a saying among the baby boomer generation, that if you want to learn how to use computers and the internet, go ask your grandchildren to teach you. An estimated 100% of all young people use computers with more than 90% regularly using the internet. Much of… View Article