Away by Michael Gow Essay

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Away by Michael Gow

Act 1 Scene 1

1. How does the opening quote from a midsummer nights dream set the scene for the play that is to come? – The quote from the opening scene of A Midsummer Nights Dream starts off with a play suggesting that the tone could be much the same as the play ‘Away’. In a Midsummers Night’s Dream Puck comes off as a Trickster, as Tom plays Puck in the play this could be suggesting that something may just happen to Tom and he will come to obstacles through the play. 2. How does the description of the kids performing the play give a view of the kind of culture the play is exploring? 3. What does Ray’s stumbling over the name of parent, Mrs P… tell us about him? 4. Discuss how the stage of departure is shown in this scene?

Act 1 Scene 2

1. How are the 3 families distinguished through their choice of holiday? 2. What kind of personality does the character Gwen exhibits in this scene? 3. What kind of people do Vic and Marry show themselves to be? 4. Discuss how the stage of departure is shown in this scene.

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