Awareness about the Energy Sources of the World Essay

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Awareness about the Energy Sources of the World

Energy supply refers to the process of combining resources through natural or artificial means in order to manipulate energy and use it for several human applications. Energy simply describes the ability of a matter to perform work. From an economist point of view, energy dictates the evolution of industries and civilizations in the world thus, a country’s economy largely depends on its production and utilization. Some of the common energy sources are the geothermal energy, the wind energy, the solar energy and the water energy.

Geothermal energy is the heat that came from the earth’s core. This large amount of energy is usually collected through drilling of wells beneath the earth’s surface and converted to electricity by turbines and generators. Wind energy is described by the power produced by blowing winds which is collected by a spinning rotor and converted into mechanical energy. Solar energy is the heat radiation that came from the sun travels to the Earth in the form of photons.

Water energy is the power generated by hydraulic turbines from the extensive fall of water from a higher surface to a lower ground (Yergin, 2007). Energy sources can primarily be classified as renewable and non-renewable. Renewable sources refer to the resources that can be easily replaced by natural processes after using them while the non-renewable resources are those that can be depleted since they can only be replaced after a very long period of time. Examples of renewable sources are the solar energy and water energy.

Petroleum that comes from the fossil fuels and mineral deposits are examples of non-renewable sources. Due to extensive use of our non-renewable sources of energy, such as petroleum from fossil fuels, energy crisis in most part of the world is badly experienced. Such crises are described by the extreme inflation of the international oil price in the world market (Yergin, 2007). This effect is primarily due to the depletion of some sources of petroleum due to uncontrolled extraction of some major oil suppliers.

These problems are associated with high demand of oil by large companies due extensive usage of fuels and rapid growth of industrial civilization. Due to this, the governments of different countries are trying to promote sustainable developments that will ease problems in conservation of the energy sources of the world. Reference: Yergin, Daniel, et al.

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