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Aviva life insurance

AVIVA life insurance entered in 2002 and deployed Talisma e-CRM suite. AVIVA got the success by recognizing the potential customers and bringing out products and services tailored to the customer requirements. Also e-CRM developed multistep marketing campaign and superior services across multiple channels. With this CRM project the company aims to achieve the organized data base system, superior service standards, quick access to customers, upgrading offers to customers, integrating the efforts of insurance agents and officials and ultimately to obtain customer satisfaction.

The implementation of Talisma e-CRM has helped them to share real-time customer information across different customer-facing departments across locations. This has helped departments track customer details and respond to queries at short notice. Aviva has made its mark in the Indian insurance industry in just two years. It has no doubt been aided in this by the deployment of Talisma’s e-CRM suite that has helped it launch new products and services to differentiate itself from competitors. eCRM practice in GP to provide Customer service: Grameenphone leads the market with nearly 20 million subscribers.

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Mobile phone services are an important contributor to the cash-strapped nation’s economy. This company is trying to provide the quality customer service to its customers . GrameenPhone try to give the best customer services to retain the present customer and attract the potential customer To give the service as fast as possible eCRM is designed such a way that customer manager can provide the service in a fastest way. They use ORACLE Siebel customer relationship management. Each and every customer has their unique ID and password to logging in the software.

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Here they give a clear idea of how customers get service and how their problem is solved by using eCRM tools. After logging to the software the customer manager need to put the customer number and then he has to click on GO button than he can see all the basic information of the customer. Here name, address, connection name, whether this customer is prepaid or post paid everything will be present there. ECRM is the software which helps to keep all data of the customers. It is not record the customer data it helps to give the service appropriately. Ithelped GrameenPhone to give higher level of satisfaction in much way such as: It helps to retain customer by giving satisfactory service It also increase the customer loyalty cause customer are satisfied with the service Evaluation of Customer profitability by reducing the cost of the service. It also reduced cost It helps to acquire new customers It helps to grow profitable customer relationships It help to retain profitable customers It reduces customers’ call handling time GP can keep appropriate record of every call It also help to Grameen Phone to reduce customer dissatisfaction

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