Avicenna Essay Topics

Plato – Soul

1. ) True; Simmias uses the theory of recollection in his argument against Socrates about the soul and it having immortality, or not. He uses an analogy of an instrument to represent the body, and the instrument’s attunement to represent the soul. He makes a stand that if the body of an instrument can be… View Article

Hardest Victory

It is well known that man’s every desire comes forth, not from the mind, but from the core of his heart. It is this very heart that compels him to seek and fulfill those desires; be it moral or immoral in nature. From day one, man has sought to accomplish every single want that finds… View Article

Muslim Scholars’ Contributions

Contributions of Islamic scholars to the scientific enterprise Yasmeen Mahnaz Faruqi Flinders University, School of Education faru0001@flinders.edu.au This paper presents a discussion regarding the role that Muslim scholars played in the development of scientific thinking in the Middle Ages. It argues that the Muslims were not just the preservers of the ancient and Greek knowledge,… View Article