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I am an individual wanting much more than just the usual learning that is taken from lower-level of education. My wanting for excellence has made it possible for me to want something more from myself. Undeniably, the different assessments that I have made upon myself as an individual has made me more interested in the progress that I could still make e a much better individual in the field that I am involved with a present. As a professional involved in the industry of aviation, I aim for better instructions that could assist me in becoming a better manager of the staff in my chosen field.

Aviation, compared to other types of transportation is a serious industry that involves much more systematic approach in management and organization. For this reason, I know that simply meaning to know what management is is not enough for this section of the learning. Being in the industry of aviation is a serious task to consider. This is the reason why further learning has been my option which I know would equip me with the needed knowledge that I ought to use in my profession later on.

Through the said learning that I am expecting to receive from the institution, I do expect to have a larger scope and possibilities of employment later on. I do believe that with better knowledge on the field that I am specializing at, I am sure to receive more competent skills that would help me in acquiring the right level of employment that I deserve. The ways by which I would be applying what I learn is the primary key in increasing the possibilities of employment that I am to face in the future.

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