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Strategic Management in the Aviation Industry

Differentiation is the act of separating product deliverability to achieve a competitive advantage. Airlines can separate differentiate their services to be able to accommodate customers of different economic status, and also passengers who may be disabled (Rahman et al., 2009) Physical principles are created to guarantee the most qualified staff is accepted in aero medical gauges and physical accommodation prerequisites (Schlickman, 2003).. A management control system (MCS) is a framework which assembles and utilizes data to assess the execution of…...

The Embraer Analysis

Perform a Brief SWOT Analysis of Embraer A SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in a project or in a business venture. The Embraer was created in1969 by military government have several strengths, one of them is their strategic place. It was located in San Jose dos Campos in Sao Paulo or was called “Technology Valley” which consist of industrial cluster in aerospace telecommunication, auto mobile and petroleum sector…...

Aviation questionnaire

This assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. The questions cover aviation subjects studied for the issue of the commercial pilot's licence and general aircraft handling. The questions are answered by pointing and clicking the required answer using the mouse. To move to the next question click on the 'next' button. To go back to a question click on the 'previous' button. To change your answer point and click at another answer. The assessment is not timed. You should expect to…...

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Human Factor in Aviation Maintenance

Abstract In the aviation industry, human error is consider as a major factor in most aviation accidents. Maintenance tasks that are performed incorrectly or are overlooked by maintenance crew would cause human errors. Examples of human errors in maintenance are installation of incorrect parts, essential checks not being performed and failed to install wanted parts. Among all aviation-related threats, errors made by maintenance crew are more difficult to detect and have the potential to remain dormant, affecting the safe operation…...

Input Output Devices in Aviation

Abstract Computer technologies recognized in the video presented were as follows. LCD screens for flights, operations program used for air traffic controllers, in flight routing and revision of flight plans thru the restructure of airspaces in European airports. By using these technologies, the benefits derived from these programs are, smoother flight plans, safer takeoffs and landings, less runway collisions, less communication with pilots from ATC. The challenges and risks of using CPDLC are, taking pilots attention away from the air…...

Aircraft Engine Industry: Ge Aviation and Rolls Royce

Three companies; GE Aviation, Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney have long dominated the aircraft engine Industry. This essay discusses the need to manage the global business environment in order to establish and maintain a competitive advantage, and subsequently ensuring the businesses success. Through examining the strategies of Rolls Royce and GE Aviation we can determine the different methods of globalizing manufacturing and production. This examination if executed through the theoretical framework of Dunning’s OLI model, the new trade theory,…...

Singapore International Airlines

Intro Singapore Airlines was founded in the year 1947 as the Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) during the British intrusion at the Tanah Melayu. After the occasions Self-reliance in 1957, the Malayan Airways Limited has actually altered its name to Malayan Singapore Airlines (MSA). Nevertheless, the company name ought to be changed once again as a result of the separation of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965. This company was separated in 2 various entities which are the Malaysian Airlines (MAS) and…...

Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata

Life is full of people who inspire , influence and leave some impression on, you – in sense good or bad, they change the way you look at things and that is whom, you consider your role model to be, however , it was crystal clear in my mind that the person would be no other but, JRD TATA. Having grown up reading his motivational stories, tales of success, inspirational examples and hearing references of his revolutionary thinking and conquest…...


I am an individual wanting much more than just the usual learning that is taken from lower-level of education. My wanting for excellence has made it possible for me to want something more from myself. Undeniably, the different assessments that I have made upon myself as an individual has made me more interested in the progress that I could still make e a much better individual in the field that I am involved with a present. As a professional involved…...

Pilot Fatigue and its role in Aviation Safety

ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to observe the growing concern of pilot fatigue and the role it plays in aviation safety. A brief assessment of the effects and possible solution to this problem will be carried out. A mention of some of the incidents from the past will also find its place in this paper. Introduction                    Aviation industry is on a growing spree and in the times to come there are going to be more and more…...

Tool Control Program

Aviation means any activity created by human with may be with respect to manufacture, development and design. There may be civil aviation, naval and Military aviation. The tool control program is one of the activities in aviation. The aircraft will have more than 100 different types of maintenance service departments. All such departments will have own unique set of tools. So the tool control programe will be designed according the to the each aircraft requirement and design which is based…...

Human factors in aviation accidents

As an outcome of researches that acknowledged the presence of human consider mistake management, the aviation market likewise started to take initiatives to reformat air travel organisations. The air travel industry moved to a more open culture that valued interaction and at the exact same time acknowledged that human error will always be present however through time and advanced studies can be decreased even more (Sexton, Thomas & & Helmreich, 2000). Almost all aspects have actually been looked into. Choice…...

Jet Airways Business Success in Aviation Industry

Naresh Goyal, who already owned JetAir (Private) Limited (which provided sales and marketing for foreign airlines in India) took advantage of this opportunity by setting up Jet Airways as a fullservice scheduled airline that would give competition to state-owned Indian Airlines. Indian Airlines had enjoyed a monopoly in the domestic market between 1953, when all major Indian air transport providers were nationalised under the Air Corporations Act (1953), and January 1994, when the Air Corporations Act was repealed, following which…...

The Usage of Computer Science in Aviation IndustryComputer science have become instrumental

The Usage of Computer Science in Aviation Industry.Computer science have become instrumental in the aviation industry for quitesome time now. Just as they have been useful in other sectors in the World like medicine andeducation, they have been also instrumental in the field of aviation. Computers have been used invarious fields from service delivery to development on aviation engines and machines. Theyhave played various roles I ensuring proper service delivery, these include booking flights andtickets, setting schedule for the flight…...

The Indian Aviation Industry

The Indian Aviation industry came to an absolute standstill, after the fall of Jet Airways, almost 40% of the market had completely stopped, airlines were starting to see profits because of the decline of a major airline. IndiGo to get a new aircraft every nine days. The Indian aviation industry saw a huge rise in revenue once IndiGo started its service. After the latest order of 250 aircraft, placed in 2014, IndiGo Airlines will get a new aircraft's delivery every…...

First Women Aviator

"Never interrupt someone doing something you said can't be done", this is a quote by Amelia Earhart, she was the first women aviator who flew over the the Atlantic and Pacific ocean and I am going to tell you all about her. She was born in Atchison, Kansas on July 24th 1897. She had a younger sister called "Muriel" and she lived with her grandparents in their big house with a library, piano, and yard with a barn. She and…...

Effect of legal environment in Indian Aviation Industry

What is the effect of legal environment in Indian Aviation Industry: The airline industry is widely impacted by regulations and restrictions related to laws and common business practices Broadly classified in to : 1. Internal - Within the organization. Can be controlled by decisions. 2. External - Outside the organization  Cannot be controlled. Current Trends: Just few months ago, India's aviation industry painted a rosy picture. Widely acknowledged as the world's fastest growing aviation market, Indian skies were dotted with…...

Globally airline industry

Introduction Globally airline industry is extremely competitive, over 1000 airlines. In 2017 the yearly expansion rate of worldwide air travel was about 7.5% (International Air Transport Association, 2017). The World Tourism and Travel and Council 2015, stated as traveling is one of the fastest and largest growing worldwide service industries, and its entire contribution to global economy in 2017 rose to $2.9 US trillion. This increase was mainly due to the changing of business development and lifestyles. As a result…...

Aviation insurance

C$1. 945 billion in 2002. All airlines have experienced a dramatic rise in the cost of aviation insurance since September 11th, 2001. Air Canada's aviation insurance increased approximately C$70 million compared to insurance costs in effect prior to septemeber11th. Following September 11th 2001, the Canadian government took control of airport security and passenger screening, which up to that point had been the responsibility of the airlines at each airport. In order to pay for the new initiative, a security surcharge…...

Deregulation of Aviation

A discussion of the impact of the deregulation of the airline industry brought about in 1978.The airline industry has been subject of intense price competition since it was deregulated, and the result has been a number of new carriers which specialize in regional service and no-frills operations. These carriers typically purchase older aircraft and often operate outside the industry-wide computerized reservations system. In exchange for these inconveniences, passengers receive low fares relative to the industry as a whole. This research…...

Evergreen International Aviation Inc

Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. is a private company offering global aviation services with its corporate headquarters situated in McMinnville, Oregon. It carries out its operations through a number of subsidiary companies one of them being Evergreen International Airlines Inc. which provides cargo transportation as well as charter services. Another subsidiary company is Evergreen Helicopters, Inc, which provides helicopter aviation services, Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics Enterprises, Inc (EAGLE), which handles aircraft logistics operations as well as ground handling services, Evergreen Maintenance…...

International Aviation Business

Like any other business, there is always certain risk associated with aviation business, and the risk becomes more accentuated if the aviation business is being planned across the borders. International Aviation business carries a number of usual risks like financial and market risk; currency and liquidity risks; and many other forms of risks. Country-specific risks are one of the pronounced risks associated with International Aviation Business. The country-specific risks find its origin in the fact that doing business within a…...

Southwest Airlines Pricing strategy

Various pricing strategies can be deployed by organizations. These include the penetration pricing strategy, the skimming strategy, economy / low cost pricing strategy, and the premium pricing strategy (Keegan and Green, 2002, p. 364). Of these pricing strategies, Southwest Airlines offers lower than average prices, suggestive of an economy pricing strategy. By definition, the economy / low cost pricing strategy involves offering a price that is kept as low as possible, which is accompanied by the bare minimum of services…...

Strategic plan for the ‘United Airlines’

Introduction This paper describes and explains the complete strategic plan for the organization ‘United Airlines. ’ This paper focuses on the study of some departments and functions within the organization. It also provides a brief background of the organization including their products, customers and services. One of the prevalent worldwide mover; United Airlines founded in United States. United is part of Star Alliance who offers links meant for clients towards in the region of 175 countries worldwide that is 1,077…...

London blitzed by German bombers

Introduction 7th December 1940, a date I would never forget. What started as a peaceful morning, considering what had been happening over the last year, soon turned into chaos. Bombs were falling from the sky with crashes as they as they hit the buildings and surroundings. It seemed the whole city was being destroyed. I lived with my mother, father and baby brother at 23 Oakfield Avenue, Ealing, London. We all ran outside, my mother carrying my baby brother. He…...

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