Avaya Business Partner, Cross Telecom Leads the Industry with New Certifications

As an Avaya National Platinum Business Partner and Platinum DevConnect Partner, Cross Telecom has developed a strategic relationship with Avaya that is quite distinctive. Cross Telecom has attained the highest level of certification offered to an Avaya business partner and has demonstrated an unsurpassed dedication to their partnership with Avaya. Cross Telecom has recently achieved numerous high level technical certifications that have set them apart as an Avaya business partner and allowed them to provide their customers with the world’s finest integrated communications solutions.

Avaya’s Agile Communication Environment (ACE) Installation & Configuration Full Service Accreditation for Avaya Business Partners

Leading-edge Avaya business partner, Cross Telecom has achieved full sales, implementation and service certifications for Avaya’s Agile Communication Environment (ACE). ACE facilitates customers in improving business efficiency by eradicating delays that are associated with business processes that are people dependent and by minimizing the time related to repetitive duties.

Avaya recently announced ACE as it’s application development and delivery system that is an fundamental component of the Avaya/Nortel integrated roadmap.

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This means that Avaya business partner Cross Telecom is now a qualified expert in providing the complete array of implementation, support and integration services.

Cross Telecom has substantially invested in outstanding professional service resources and has refined its delivery of services, thereby emerging as the foremost innovator of business-transforming communications technology. By successfully completing the ACE Full Service accreditation, Cross Telecom is competent in all products in the Avaya/Nortel integrated product group.

Avaya Business Partner Integration Expert Status

Cross Telecom is the only Avaya business partner to have achieved Avaya’s Integration Expert Status.

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From planning and design to implementation, optimization and post-implementation support, Cross Telecom received this distinction by demonstrating a proven ability to provide its customer with a premier level of service.

CS1000 and Call Pilot Full Service Accreditation for Avaya Business Partners

Cross Telecom has achieved full service accreditation on Avaya CS1000 and Avaya Call Pilot. This designation exemplifies their commitment to providing customers with high quality solutions and services. By becoming full service accredited, Cross Telecom has aligned itself to provide unparalleled service and the most innovative available business communication solutions.

Cross Telecom’s Additional Certifications

In addition to their superior certification, Cross Telecom’s experience with Nortel employees is unsurpassed by any other Avaya business partner. Cross Telecom has over 120 years of Nortel technical experience, over 120 years of Nortel account management, and the Nortel team has experience with hundreds of Nortel base accounts in Minnesota and beyond.

Cross Telecom is dedicated to keeping their employees and clients educated with the latest information available. By providing a complete portfolio of Voice, Data, IP Telephony, Wireless, CrossNet Maintenance and Support, Professional Services and Cross University, Cross has defined itself as a complete, end-to-end integrator of converged technologies nationwide. For award winning customer service on Avaya telecommunication products, contact Cross Telecom to meet your needs at

Heather Preston. – For award winning customer service on Nortel products, contact Cross Telecom to meet your needs.

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Avaya Business Partner, Cross Telecom Leads the Industry with New Certifications

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