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AutoResponse Plus

High quality software plays a key role in a successful internet business and can help you to achieve a competitive edge. Quality software are essential part of internet business and are vital for its success. Therefore one must be willing to invest in the software that are essential in smooth flow and success of internet business. The software that I will need, are as under: Email program Amongst number of program the first and the most important program is Email client. Although there are a number of free email services are available on the internet but they have very limited features.

The bad thing about them is the email address contains the service provider‘s name. From a number of different clients that are available on the internet, I will prefer Eudora. It is a standalone program which can help you when you are receiving a large amount of emails by dropping them into specified mail boxes and gives the facility of storing emails on your local machines. It can work with any ISP. Mailing list software Collecting and managing email address is the most important aspect of a successful internet business.

One needs to develop and manage the database of all its actual and potential customers if he/she truly wants to be successful. One of the important marketing strategies is to send personalize business messages to the customers, for which you will need a good mailing list program. For this purpose I will use Mailloop. When using a program that is installed on a local machine one will also need a good processing script that can be installed on the website and the visitors can subscribe to it. For this purpose I will refer to AutoResponse Plus.

HTML Editor When doing e-business, website serves as a store front for it, therefore one will need a good and powerful HTML editor. An attractive and user friendly website can play a determining role in the success of e-business. Coffee Cup is power full HTML editor that gives user a lot of control when developing a website. Graphic Editor In order to avoid high cost of hiring graphic designer an internet entrepreneur must learn the basics of graphic designing. For creating and editing graphics a good and powerful graphic program is essential.

Paint Shop Pro is very user friendly and powerful graphic designing software. Zip/Unzip program In e-business we frequently need to transport files and documents on the internet, instead of uploading or downloading several separate file one can zip these files together and send it to intended receiver. For this purpose 7 Zip is available which supports 7 different file formats. FTP program In order to download and upload files to and from web server, I will need a WS FTP program. Operating system

Windows XP Professional is the most powerful and best operating system for all sizes of business and home computer users. I will use Windows XP Professional because it is: • Dependable: increased reliance on computers has made the dependability a major concern • Secure: user data protection is a major objective for any business, Window XP is secure with several additional security controls • Responsive: for any business user an operating system that can meet and cater the demands of large number of user is highly desirable.

Window XP has the ability of multitasking and catering larger number of process by its support for multiple processors • Simple: Window XP has a very simple interface and is adaptable to the way the user utilizes it • Easy to manage and deploy: to maximize employee’s productivity when working in a networked environment, these two features can play a vital role. Window XP is an operating system that is easy to manage and deploy and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership

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