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Computer technology has been a great help to the improvement of one’s life. Most establishments, corporations and institutions had developed their own use of such technology to help themselves work more efficiently with less time and effort, resulting in better production, profit, and a more satisfied clientele. One example of computer technology is the creation of a computer system. A design, fit for the company’s needs as well as for the customer’s. A system that will help personnel work more efficiently especially in accessing and retrieving data in and less time as possible.

The creation of an Automated SSC Election System of ISU-Roxas will help the staff’s work a lot easier and more effective because of the automation of tally of votes of students during the election period. Using computers/machines, they would be the one to tally and transmit the votes to the electoral board without human intervention.

Election is a beginning and an ending. A beginning of hope and an end of sacrifices.

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People have the ability to change our world by using the automated electoral system mechanisms which significantly reduce the chances of errors, because vote counting is based on an internal machine count rather than on individual ballots.


In this study, the researcher aimed to develop a system on a Automated Voting in which the whole university will be benefited. The researcher also aimed to change the traditional way of computing the votes of students using to avoid errors and to know the result faster.

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Statement of the problem

In Local Election particularly the Town Election, the process of counting of votes is not easy due to the systems used, which is the traditional way of counting. The said counting is performed manually. They consumed more time and money just to perform the task.

The existing system is usually done after 2 days. They consume 1 day for voting and 1 day for counting. Because of the manual counting, the result is inaccurate. It causes duplicity of votes or errors.

But in daily lives of human being, they always require doing their works faster in order to obtain their objectives on time.
On the other hand, computer system can perform tasks faster and display results after a short time. From these, this project consists of designing a database system which can do all those operations quickly and make tasks to be performed with all needed facilities: correctness, speed, with fewer personnel and low cost.

In general election exists anywhere in the world but most of them are build based on foreign country laws.

The main purpose of this study is to develop a Automated Voting System for Isabela State University-Roxas Campus, Roxas, Isabela. The research seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the proposed SSC automated voting system?
  2. Does the system lessen the work of the election administrators and personnel?
  3. Does the system lessen the error?
  4. Does the system do more work than the election personnel? Statement of Assumption
  5. The proposed system will design a simple and accurate operation.
  6. The proposed system will secure the votes of the voters.
  7. The proposed system/automated voting system will lessen the burdens of election personnel in computing the votes manually.
  8. The proposed system will make the user’s performance more efficient, accurate and lesser time will be consumed.
  9. The proposed system will do more work than the election personnel because the system will help the user to compute it automatically by just clicking the desired button for the operation.

Significance of the Study

Today the world has become a smaller village of computer and technology. Each day, people are facing with some kind of new challenges in life for example the changing of different traditions by using different technologies. As technology changes, lifestyle also changes. If we want a better life, we have to go with the changes. One part of changes is going out with our comfort zone. Change our traditions and one part of traditions is leaving the life of having a complicated life. We need to live a simple life.

This project consists of designing a system that can improve the voting system of voters quickly and correctly where the records are stored and then accessed easily by the user of the system. Votes are properly viewed, stored, reviewed, approved, processed, documented and accurately coded for accounting and distribution. Computation for the votes, are accurate. The recording and summarizing of votes are accurate and agree with established account. Classification; Presidential, Vice Presidential, Secretarial up to the accountant position are properly documented and can produce accurate result.

The researcher believes that change is constant into this world. The researcher wants the staff to have a simple life using the system. Through this system many will be benefited. The election personnel know the burden in computing the votes of the voters manually. It really requires more time. They admit that it’s really hard to work in a manual basis. The researcher wants to help the staff who will count their votes, so the developer decided to make a system that will make the staff living the complicated life. It is a very big help for them to have a system to compute the votes. The election personnel, worked hard just to give the correct result of votes in every category.

The manual system brings them so much stress and pressure because sometimes they duplicate the votes. With the used of the proposed system, the election personnel will only perform small task like monitoring and guiding the users. The voters and the candidates will be experiencing the life of a simple life, because they will be having their correct counting of votes in just a second. With the used of the proposed system, counting of votes is automatically counted with accurate output. Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The study focused in counting the number of votes of the voters. It is computing the votes as fast as technology change. It is as accurate as it is because the systems designed by a database which be automatically compute
the votes and the number of voters.

The said system will secure your votes, because the system will not be viewed the votes of the voters. This system is restricted to all especially to the unauthorized personnel. This is protected by passwords and restricted username.

The automated voting system can generate reports, like the final result of votes. It will give us also the accurate result of counting. The users which are the voters have their own password for them to access the automated system and to make sure that the user will vote their selected candidate for the respective position per category. Voters can only vote once. If the voters will vote again, the system can blocked the voters whom had already voted. Before the user will vote, the election personnel will check first the identification card of the voters for them to identify the correct voters in accordance with their password given to them. The researcher will assure us all the accurate and correct result. Cheating and dishonesty is impossible to perform. No flying voters and most especially, no worries. DEFINITIONS OF TERMS

To have a clearer understanding on the discussions of this study, the researcher defined the following terms in the context of this study. Analysis – Process of studying a system.
Code – programmed into visual basic 6.0.
Computer – An electronic device used to install the software to run the program Database – A collection of records. A record of the whole election. Documentation – A written manual of a computer program.

Election- activity performed by people of choosing their leaders as group by voting them. Manual – it is used to instruct the user on how to use the system. Menu – It refers to the selection of task to be done by the users. Report – A formal or official presentation of facts or the records of the same preceding in investigation. Program – A logical sequence of coded instruction specifying the operation to be performed by a computer in solving a problem or in processing data. Printer – An output device that convert copy.

System – A group of interacting, interrelated, independent elements forming or regarded as forming a collective entity. CHAPTER II
Review OF Related Literature and Studies
This study presents some related literature and studies, which have significant bearing on the present study. These literature and studies provide insight of different authorities, which the researcher believe are relevant to the present study. Related Literature


Identification as procedure and mechanism that allow an external entity to notify a system of its identity. The requirement to perform identification techniques occurs when it is necessary to associate an action with a user or entity that causes each action. Computer system and networks device can determine who invoked an operation by examining the reported identity of the entity that initiated the session in which the operation was invoked. This identity is usually established via a login sequence. A system administrator may have assigned this login. The login is the simplest type of mechanism that comprises identification. Once users logged in, they are allowed to access various resources based on the right and privileges assigned to their user accounts on the object they process. Identification is usually combined both another procedure, authentication which allow a system to determine if the identification sequence was occurred.

Authentication is process whereby a user process they are who they claim to be. Additionally, to authenticate is to establish that transmission attempt is authorization and valid. There are several techniques for authenticating user. The first is to enable networks logon, which ensure that only valid user are allowed to access the network. The next step is to provide user authentication on server. Authentication o the server level operates independently of the network logon. Authentication is also required for message exchange, to verify that particular message has not been fabricated or altered in transit. A username/password is the most common form of identification for networks security. This authentication method can be used a dynamic entry. Authorization refers to security the networks by specifying which area of the networks whether it is as application, a device or a system a user is allowed to access the authorization level varies from user to user. Local

It discusses the values reflected in the proverbs and the proverb as a reflection of Filipino character, its function in the society, its nature and purpose, its stylistic peculiarity and its significance in Filipino culture.


Prof. Damiana Eugenio (2002), a renowned Filipina folklorist, said that there is no universally accepted definition for the word “folklore”. But she gave a description that folklore is any form of knowledge that is handed down from generation to generation that portrays the way of life of ancestors of the chosen ethnic group can be considered part of folklore. She likewise emphasized that students should seek ways in studying folklore for preservation purposes. She continued that what students usually do are transcribe and interpret what is related to them by storytellers and it ends there. Further, she expressed that students have to explore different aspects in folklore, use new approaches and experiment new ways. Eugenio further emphasized that the study of folklore in the Philippines is diminishing. She attributed this to these following reasons: lack of interest in studying folklore and difficult work that goes along in studying folklore. Folk Literature

Eugenio (2001) defined folk literature as the sum total of the traditional learning of the folk which is expressed in their literature, their customs and beliefs, their games and recreations, their music songs and dances, their arts and crafts, and other forms material culture. She added that Filipinos know very little of folk literature by stating: “…even educated Filipinos know little about folk literature.” This is not surprising according to her because “there is an incomplete state of collection and inaccessibility of existing manuscripts about Philippine folk literature.” (Eugenio, 2001)

Related Studies


In Russia, recent advances in democratization have created the need for a new approach to elections. Thus the Central Electoral Commission of The Russian Federation is seeking a modern approach to the running and organizing of elections.

The country’s unique conditions, such as its huge territory, large number of time zones, uneven distribution of population,and various regions with differing levels of infrastructure and transport development have all influenced the search for a solution to the organization of elections.

There are at present 105 million voters in Russia. More than 90,000 voting centres are set up during elections, and over one million people take part in the organization and conducting of elections. As a result, the electoral commission faces many organizational and technological problems associated with the preparation and conduct of transparent democratic elections, as well as large financial costs. Of major importance is the preparation of voters lists, running the pre-electoral campaigns, processing and distributing the election results, and insuring transparency of elections. Complications which are unavoidable without the use of modern technology would lead to serious political and economic consequences.

The decree by the President of the Russian Federation to establish a State Automated System Elections was issued on August 23, 1994. From this date an intense development of new Russian election technologies and stage-by-stage implementation of a new electronic system has taken place. The first components of the System were used during the elections of deputies to the Russian State Duma on December 17, 1995.

In June 1996, during experimental exploitation of its first stage, the System was used to prepare and conduct the Presidential elections for more than 80 percent of the subjects of the Russian Federation. The System was used primarily to prepare voters lists and summarize the preliminary results of voting. However, it was effective during this period.

During the elections for heads of executive branches of power, deputies of legislative bodies, and local administrations (October-December 1996), the System was used in 75 (out of 89 total) subjects of the Russian Federation. The operational experience of the System in the subjects of the Russian Federation confirmed its efficiency, comprehensibility and adaptability for solving local specific problems, when new software products had been developed with consideration for specific local conditions and local legislation..

The State Programme of the Development of the State Automated System Elections took place from 1996 to 2000. At the time of writing, it was already implemented in 88 subjects of the Russian Federation, i.e. almost the total Russian territory. The scale of its usage and number of technical equipment and technological solutions rank it as the largest computer network in the country. From the point of view of its functional potential, software, and universal structural composition, it is considered the leading information and telecommunication system in Russia.

Possibilities and resources of the System

More than 6000 computers have been configured to form a single system. Out of these, 90 local networks have been created which, in turn, unify more than 300 automated workstations.  The System can provide verification of ballot validity, protect voting results from fraud, and display election results in all regions of the country in real-time mode. On the day of elections, the use of scanners allows the tallying of results of different types of voting with a delay of only 20-25 minutes.Then the intermediate results of voting can be transferred to the Central Electoral Commission as statistics, schemes, text, audio and visual information and, after processing, be promptly forwarded to the media.

In order to provide a high level of sustainability and versatility, various auxiliary components were built into the system. These auxiliary technologies and equipment compose a long list, ranging from various kinds of complex internal furnishing for voting places and centres, to technologies for high-quality printing production with a high level of fraud protection, electronic fingerprint identification devices (dactyloscopy) and
ballot-counting equipment.


Research thoroughly all the different systems as followed in democratic states and recommend one as most suitable for Trinidad and Tobago. If you prefer to retain the present system, explain why?

The purpose of an electoral system is to translate the will of the electorate, as expressed through the ballot box, into members of a legislative body. The ways this can be achieved are diverse. In this paper we will look at the different types of electoral systems, and what exactly citizens expect of the electoral system. How should it work? Are any features more desirable than others? Then we will look at the present situation in Trinidad, make a judgment on whether the current system is adequate or if there are changes which should be made. Electoral systems throughout the world range from very simple First-Past-the-Post systems to quite complex arrangements using parts of different systems. Within individual countries, different electoral systems may be found in different regions and at different levels of government.

The three main types of electoral systems are: Plurality electoral systems, Majority electoral systems and Proportional representation. Under each of these systems, there are variations of each type. Plurality electoral systems consist of ‘First-Past-the-Post’ or ‘Winner-take-all’ and Block Vote systems; however FPTP is the most common worldwide. In its’ basic form it awards a seat to the individual candidate who receives the most votes in an election. The candidate does not need more than fifty percent of the votes to win. If he has a larger number of votes than all other candidates even if it is only 5 votes more, he is declared the winner. Additionally, if the candidate obtains more votes than any other even if that person only won a minority of the total votes cast, he is still declared the winner.

Chapter III


Description of Existing System

Based from the data gathered by the researcher the Isabela State University, Roxas Campus, Roxas Isabela, is currently using the traditional way of counting of votes. The election personnel are using the traditional way of voting and counting of votes. Because of using the traditional way, sometimes they encounter acts such as malicious acts during and after the said activity. Flying voters could perform anytime and anywhere. They could not easily find the cheaters, due to lack of security of the existing system. Data flow diagram of existing system

Description of proposed System

On the previous years the University experiencing the manual based election system. Having this manual based system, the university experienced all the consequences. The researcher no longer wants to experience this again that’s why the system was being developed. It is the answer for all the miscalculations done by the manual system. Automated voting system could do more jobs than the election personnel. The election personnel will only monitor and guide the users. They will only evaluate the users, if they are still following the correct procedure of the system. The system will lessen the burden of all, the voters, election personnel and the candidates. The automated system will automatically count the votes of students per category. It can generate result of votes immediately. The said system can also produce hardcopy for reports. It can be viewed and printed at the same time.

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