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Imagine a woman is stranded on the way home with a flat tire. She has no clue on how to change a tire. The situation could get very dangerous, so she decides to call Roadside Assistance. This is where an Automotive Technician comes in clutch or in other words handy. Automotive Technicians diagnoses the problem accurately and solves it quickly. Many automotive technicians perform routine maintenance and general mechanic work on vehicles. Whenever performing on a vehicle technicians have to explain automotive repairs and issues and provide great customer service.

Automotive Technicians are the most important people when it comes to down to repairing in the industry of cars. Cars are very important in today’s society, and any car could break down at any day any time. When working in this job you need a lot of proper training to actually know what goes on whether it is under the hood or on the outside. There are over 996 Automotive schools across the United States.

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High school diplomas are most needed when it comes down to working in the automotive field. Those who are pursuing this profession may ought to go to college to prove how hard of a worker they are. Anyone interested in pursuing this career would want a higher pay would need to go through a training program or advanced schooling from 6 months to a year. Many advanced automotive schools comes with hands-on training and a little less class learning.

Mechanics come with a very large pay the more experience you have in your work ethics.

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Automotive technician is a great career to have because of you work with man tools to figure out a problem , you get a very well paying job, and on top of it all you’ll never be without a job because mechanics are needed everywhere. Mechanics have a lot of duties on the job in which involves a lot of computer material work ethics along with repairing parts for any vehicle. Being an auto mechanic could lead to starting your own business or being a mechanic throughout various fields. Some responsibilities you may need to know to be an auto mechanic are using knowledge to reassemble and disassemble parts and running diagnostics to test parts to identify the source of automotive mechanical problem. Safety is a huge concern when it comes down to working in the automotive field. You may get hurt or slightly injured doing anything in any way. Although it is very common to get minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises, especially on their hand. Being a mechanic does not necessarily mean that you always have to work in a shop.

In the office, mechanics may have calls to answer and have to talk to customers about vehicle problems. As you receive more experience throughout your training you receive more responsibility. Certain skills have to be maintained throughout your training such as tool knowledge, problem solving, customer service, work ethic, and strong verbal communication skills. If anyone loves working with their hands, building, and getting their hands dirty than this job would most definitely be a perfect fit for them. Eventually throughout your training you will become ASE Certified which means Automobile Service Excellence. ASE is a certification that certifies professionals in the automotive repair and service industry in the U.S and certain parts of Canada. Even if there is at least one person in the shop it would still be considered ASE Certified. Many people who don’t exactly know what ASE is at least know if someone is ASE Certified that their vehicle is being well serviced and repaired by the most professional people. When you become experienced as an auto mechanic you become a known expert on the subject of cars.

By taking a vocational class it may give those who are interested in basic knowledge on what to do with a car if something goes wrong. To be qualified you to take the year-long classes for a start and progress further on down . With just this little bit of training you may be certified to do almost anything down the line. The training gives you strong career objective for anyone who would love to follow this path as a career.

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