Automobile design Essay

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Automobile design

“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”. -Swami Vivekananda

I strongly believe that perfection is already in man, inherent in his heart and soul and education is the medium through which we are able to manifest that perfection. This century can be credited with having given birth too many ideas, visions, way of living and working. It can be credited with almost as many revelations of thoughts and practices. The world is ever changing. An ambition to be a part of and to contribute to this fact changing process, a perpetual urge to learn quest, a profound desire to translate conception into reality made me opportunity for a Graduate program at your prestigious university. It has been my deepest desire to be a part of this rapid burgeoning community. With due reverence to the department and University, I pen down this Statement of purpose. In this ever changing world of Engineering and Technology, passing day makes them obsolete, I want to attain the highest level of education and transcend new scope for research in Mechanical Engineering.

This has always fascinated me and I am keen to continue my academic pursuit in this field. I have always cherished a dream to become an Engineer, a dream that was innate and developed slowly over the years. Right from my school days I grew, my interest and ability were inclined towards the physical nature of the universe. Science unraveled many a mystery for me. Math’s challenged me and gave me joy. Learning itself became a key to my life. My tryst with Automobile’s began during my childhood days when I had a great interest in Racing Sport and Cars. The idea of controlling a car has always been very thrilling and invigorating I remembered being hooked to the television, watching in amazement, an array of open wheeled cars circulates the track in a staggering fashion.

Moreover, reading pertinent journals and magazines has helped me stay up-to-date with the recent advances in this fast-moving field. I always enjoyed analyzing and understanding the working of Automobiles, starting from experimenting on my toys to fixing my bike. It was then that I aspired to enter into this intriguing branch of Mechanical engineering and make my mark on the Automobile Industry. I would like to have a glance at my academic career which imbibed me potential to perform well and made me a commodious person. I did my schooling in the idyllic atmosphere of which I gradually flourished as a versatile person where I got my first leap by scoring 75% in tenth standard. I scored 87 marks in mathematics and 82 in science; with this motivation I pursued Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my major course in Intermediatewhere from, I secured 73.1% in higher secondary exam. The competitive spirit within me acted as a catalyst in all my academics successes. Pursuing Engineering as my future was a natural consequence because of my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering.

I have benefited from the breadth of College of Engineering & Research, affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University one of the most prestigious university in India. The day of my undergraduate study helped me to get sound knowledge and a firm grasps over the principles underlying the course, which gave me an edge above other students. I excelled it with first class with distinction with an aggregate of 74.32%. The undergraduate study has given me a comprehensive exposure to a wide spectrum of courses in mechanical engineering namely, Strength of Materials, Design of Machine Members 1&2, Kinematics of Machinery, Thermodynamics, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanics of Solids, Robotics, Computer aided Design/Computer aided Manufacturing etc. I strongly believe in “learning by doing”. It is the hope of coming up with path breaking results streaked with an element of uncertainty that makes experimental result extremely fascinating.

I went beyond the four walls of the classroom, during my undergraduate course, I visited many industries in which I underwent five week technical training at Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), is a Department of Atomic Energy on the study of Manufacturing Extrusion Die on CNC Lathe Machine which includes it’s casting to final Product in plant and other applications. Later I had undergone industrial visit at Vizag Steel Plant popularly known as Vizag Steel is the most advanced steel producer in India with the help of German and soviet technology where I have learnt the process of Manufacturing of steel from its coke to final product. This provides to be a very valuable experience as it provided me with an industry exposure and a chance to showcase my technical knowledge in an industry based environment. I wanted to get closer look at the application of Mechanical Engineering. I presented a good number of technical papers at the national level.

The first competition I took part was a National level Paper Presentation event conducted by NIT Rourkela, as a part of ‘INNOVATION 2011’ and I got Merit Certification. Then I participated in a ROBOTIC Work shop held at Kakatiya University, Warangal and I presented paper on ‘Solar & Hybrid Vehicle’ at VNR Vignan Jyothi and received a merit certification. And I have also participated as a Volunteer in a prestigious Social Activity like ’Hyderabad Literary Festival’ held in January 2014. I have organized many technical and cultural events. All this extra-curricular activities have made me social accomplished with self-confidence, communicating skills, leadership qualities and team spirit. My major contribution towards research, leading the team in an academic oriented research main project “Dynamic Analysis of Composite Propeller of Ship Using FEM” The project deals with modeling and analyzing the propeller blade by using ’Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic’ materials, to reduce the Vibrations & Noise in the Propeller. This requires high end Modeling software’s.

The Solid model is developed in CATIA V5 R19, Tetrahedral mesh is generated in HYPER MESH and Static & Modal Analysis is done in ANSYS. The Analysis results showed that the natural frequencies of composite propeller were more than aluminum propeller, which indicates that the operation range of frequency is higher for composite materials. My role in this project as a team leader was to provide the basic functionality which deals with Modeling and analyzing was handled by my team mates along with my participation. The success of this project made me thirst in quest for a research in Design for Manufacturing, Advanced Material Technology and Design & Development which is the front and backend of my application.

It has long been my ambition to pursue my studies in Automotive Engineering and to do it from a country like Germany will be a golden opportunity of my life. I know that Germany has got good reputation for higher education around the world. Its automotive industry is among the top manufacturers in the world with famous BMW and Mercedes as the leading success story of quality, modernity and comfort in automobiles. One final honest to goodness thought I have to admit in conclusion, I feel I would like to give back society all valuable and technical skills that I will be gaining from your university I am confident that graduate study in your department, which is already at the cutting edge, would provide me an excellent opportunity to reach my goal. Diverse background of students, distinguished faculty and research facilities at the institute will also help me to expand my horizons.

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