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Human Brain vs Computer: Intelligent Robotics
Words • 516
Pages • 3
We all have seen countless movies in which robots take over the world and wipe out humanity, where robots behave like humans and form a whole force to fight against the creatures that created them. Most of us didn’t really believe the fact that one day, robots that behave like humans, would actually become real. But well, the impossible was made possible, because scientists were able to make tiny human brains and hook them up to robots! For many, it…...
Human Brain Vs ComputerRobotic TechnologyScience And SocietyScience And Technology
The Self Balancing Robot Computer Science Essay
Words • 4672
Pages • 19
This concluding twelvemonth undertaking has been designed for equilibrating the automaton in to two wheels to accomplish the research mark ; it has been looked up the antecedently designed automatons on a reconciliation engineering which based on wheels. It was necessary to analyze the methodological analysis of equilibrating automatons and how they work.A concluding design was so laid out with determination on building stuffs and power beginnings. CAD drawings, ORCAD 9.0, C++ , microcontroller, MPLAB compiler IC combustion package 's…...
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Soccer Robotics An Overview Computer Science Essay
Words • 2894
Pages • 12
Abstract-Soccer robotics is a new fad that is catching up non merely with game partisans, but chiefly with research workers who believe that developing a MiroSoT will take to solutions for bing restrictions and come up a new dimension to the universe of robotics. The functionality is self explanatory where, two squads of automatons play against each other a game of association football.Soccer automatons come in assorted classs, but we will chiefly concentrate on MiroSoT. The whole thought of association…...
Computer Science For ProgressRobot
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Robotics in surgery and nanotechnology
Words • 3176
Pages • 13
1. INTRODUCATIONThis piece of papers widely describes about the emerging engineerings. From these emerging engineerings chiefly two engineerings have been described here, Robotics in surgery and Nanotechnology. The first portion of papers depicts the history and the construction of the automatons that are used in surgeries. The Fieldss that affected by the innovation of the development of robotics in surgery are medical, biological, economic system, and societal. The chief applications factors are besides described in the undermentioned paper. The societal…...
RobotRobotic TechnologyTechnology
R O V ‘s and Submersibles
Words • 280
Pages • 2
An insight into R O V 's and Submersibles.An ROV is a remotely operated vehicle which is a robot that moves in response to commands given by a human operator or a computer from a distance. Rov's mainly consist of a frame, a control system, a propulsion system, a tether management system and some usually have an on board camera. ROV's have been used for the last thirty years. They have been doing tasks that divers can't, do to Economical…...
Office automation
Words • 1299
Pages • 6
The term office automation is used to describe the wide range of computer hardware and software normally applied in the generation, gathering, control, and the relaying of the necessary information in an office setting, with a view to achieving the set goals and objectives of an organization (Marotta, 2006). As such, the automation system of an office usually consists of the storage of unprocessed data, the transfer of such data electronically, as well as the aspect of managing such information…...
AutomationWorld Wide Web
Office automation software
Words • 689
Pages • 3
Today’s business is overly dependent on teams, cross functional committees and different kind of workgroups which coordinate the daily operations. It is imperative for these groups to collaborate and communicate with each other. Often these groups are separated by geographies so physical presence for meetings is not possible, this enhances the need for tools that can be used for collaboration. Office automation software is a critical part of daily tasks, used to simplify group collaboration in an organization. Almost all…...
Office Automation and Collaboration
Words • 628
Pages • 3
In world today, many companies, especially larger corporate organizations rely on various types of office automation equipment and software. As technology improves and corporations expand their offices across the country and around the world, group collaborations software becomes a necessity, rather than a convenience for companies wishing to becomes global market leaders. The company I work for is one of the world's largest home warranty companies. We currently employ over 50,000 people and have all types of home warranty vendors…...
Moving Object Tracking Mobile Robot Computer Science Essay
Words • 3928
Pages • 16
In this paper we present the integrating of a nomadic robotic system with a fresh colour based object tracking nomadic automatons control algorithm based on spacial co-ordinates under non-ideal environments. For object tracking we use a ocular Wireless detector system used in the field of robotics for designation and trailing of the object. The plan is designed to capture a colour based object through a Wireless Surveillance Camera interfaced with PCI Based Image Grabber TV Tuner card integrated with LABVIEW…...
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Kinematic Of Robotic Arms Computer Science Essay
Words • 2614
Pages • 11
Presents, sophisticated and special-purpose machines that are designed to move pre-specified maps are indispensable function to execute most machine-controlled fabrication occupations. Therefore, in many assembly and fabrication maps and undertakings, the computer-controlled operators are used because of the clip salvaging and cost-efficient and complex occupations and industries have applied the industrial automaton as all-purpose operators to execute better for operation in machine and production tools.The survey of kinematic behaviour is concerned with designing and patterning a automaton, and the gesture…...
Computer Science For ProgressRobot
Home Automation System
Words • 492
Pages • 2
A home automation system is a technological solution that enables automating the bulk of electronic, electrical and technology-based tasks within a house. It uses a combination of hardware and software technologies that enable control and management over appliances and devices within a house. Monitoring and control devices and linking of appliances used in home through an intelligent network over a medium such as electrical power wiring, infrared, coaxial cable, spread spectrum technology or radio frequency coordinated by a computer. Smart…...
Gareth Stokes’s work Robots vs Humans?
Words • 369
Pages • 2
AI and the Future of the Workplace talks about the possibilities of replacing human workers with robots in the near future. Robotisation has the capability to affect employment, reallocate human workers and change business operations as it will play an increasing role in the workplace, making unemployment a big concern in the industry. Businesses need to introduce smaller AI components on their system to be able to get used to the technology and be able to adapt to newer AIs…...
Artificial IntelligenceEmploymentHumanRobotWork
Assignment on Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Words • 4253
Pages • 18
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) is a term that is used to cover a broad range of technologies and soft automation used to increase the cost effectiveness of products and plants. Its exact definition is hard to pinpoint since it is highly dependent on viewpoint, not just across industries, but also within organizations. Integrated manufacturing is not itself a new concept, but the concept of orchestrating the factors of production and its management is. CIM covers a range of manufacturing operations…...
A Study On Robots And Robotics Computer Science Essay
Words • 6587
Pages • 27
A automaton is an automatically guided machine, able to make undertakings on its ain. Another common feature is that by its visual aspect or motions, a automaton frequently conveys a sense that it has purpose or bureau of its ain.The word automaton can mention to both physical automatons and practical package agents, but the latter are normally referred to as bots. There is no consensus on which machines qualify as automatons, but there is general understanding among experts and the…...
Computer Science For ProgressImportance Of Computer StudiesRobot
Using LEGO building blocks to build robot and bridge
Words • 1878
Pages • 8
The goal of this project is to use LEGO building blocks to build a robot, using chopsticks, glue and rope to construct a bridge. Besides the robot has to go over the bridge and then go through the bridge opening. The comprehensive results are calculated with the quality of the bridge from each team and the total time consumed by the process of going over the bridges and going across the bridge. Through the joint efforts of all members in…...
Design of Fire Detection Robot With Image Processing
Words • 1867
Pages • 8
UNDERTAKING ABOUT ORIGINALITY OF WORK We hereby, certify that we are the sole authors of this UDP project report and that neither any part of this UDP project report nor the whole of the UDP Project report has been submitted for a degree by other student(s) to any other University or Institution. We certify that, to the best of our knowledge, the current UDP Project report does not infringe upon anyone's copyright nor violate any proprietary rights and that any…...
Why robots are bad
Words • 434
Pages • 2
Imagine you walk into your work, the same place you've worked at for 8 whole years, and your boss says to you've been replaced. You're in shock and you only just manage to ask, "but by who?". "By the new guy, Wally, "But how?" you ask, he's only been here for a year and he always steals pen "No No No. Wall-E THE ROBOT".  Most people think that robots are cool, but trust me there bad. Here are three reasons…...
Words • 2002
Pages • 9
INTRODUCTION Hematology stains and reagents are fundamental for clinical and restorative cytology examine. Difficult to see blood, bone marrow or lymphatic framework segments is effectively observed and naturally handling the Wright, Giemsa and Lieshman detail work proficiently on arranged blood spreads. Working with time delicate examples all the hematology stains are intended to work quickly for the most exact outcomes. ROMANOWSKY- TYPE STAIN Romanowsky stains are unbiased stains made out of a blend of oxidized methylene blue (purplish blue) colors…...
The Raise of Ecommerce Mobile Robot (AMR)
Words • 1877
Pages • 8
This paper gives, overview of an Autonomous Mobile Robot?s (AMR) vision system. It explains how AMR captures an image through vision sensors and captured image is represented in various color spaces. These sensors are charge coupled device cameras and complementary mosfet cameras (CCD and CMOS). After acquiring an image through these cameras, the representation of image is done. These include Red Green Blue (RGB), Hue Saturation Value color space (HSV), Luminance Chrominance blue Chrominance red color space (YCbCr). After acquiring…...
E CommerceRobot
Artificial Intelligence and Science Fiction
Words • 2141
Pages • 9
The novel focuses on the conflict between human and robot in many aspects, based on the interview with Dr. Calvin, chief robot psychologist of U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc. It is a framing sequence featuring Dr. Calvin's life's work. The book was sequentially published during 1940 and 1950, while the stories are depicted from the birth of Dr. Calvin, 1982, to her death, 2065. Other characters appear in these fiction stories are Powell and Donovan, a field-testing team that…...
Artificial IntelligenceFictionRobotScience
ResultsIn the robot testing class on 13th week the robot was tested
Words • 1453
Pages • 6
ResultsIn the robot testing class on 13th week, the robot was tested firstly on the prescribed tennis table, it is found that table-top friction on the tennis table was especial smaller than the ground. And two preset rotation angles in the robot program could not reach the desired angle. So some adjustments related to the angles of two swerves and the straight running distance were adjusted during the seven-minute test period. Finally, the robot successfully passed the bridge deck and…...
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to Perform Human Tasks in Medicine
Words • 2442
Pages • 10
Case Study London hospital replacing doctors with AI to improve patient care According to Nuffield CITATION Nuf18 l 2057 [1], The University College London Hospital (UCLH) is one of the leading National Health Service Hospitals (NHS) in London that formed partnership with Alan Turing Institute to allow Artificial Intelligence Systems and robots perform the tasks of doctors and nurses. The UCLH started to collaborate with UK's Data Science Organization on a vision to apply AI in almost all their departments;…...
Artificial IntelligenceHumanMedicineRobot
Programming robots by using open-source software instruments
Words • 2323
Pages • 10
Abstract This paper expounds my first research experience in programming robots by using open-source software instruments such as Player. Among the learning robots available at Victoria College's Agents Research lab, the Technologist and the Writer were preferred. In time, the project focused itself on implementing a plug-in driver for the actuary robot so that it could be controlled via Player. A Player based GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE console - to remotely control the technologist and other robots with similar mechanisms and sensors …...
Smart Monitoring of Agricultural Field
Words • 2478
Pages • 10
Smart Monitoring of Agricultural Field and Controlling of Water Pump Using Internet of Things In Today's world , automation is preferred in every sector .Automated systems being more flexible to use, offers high accuracy and reliability in long term operations as compared to manual operated systems. The Problems faced by farmers in the agricultural system are of great concern these days. Our work is an attempt to implement automation for control of electrical motor or pump used in agriculture domain.…...
Advanced TechnologyAutomation
Robots And Machines
Words • 544
Pages • 3
INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT STUDENT NAME : Ahmed Taher Elsayed Ibrahim STUDENT ID NO: 201900794 MODULE NAME: EAP2 LECTURER NAME: Dr. Eman Wally As of late, we have seen robots and machines supplanting numerous occupations that used to be finished by individuals. The inquiries at the forefront of everybody's thoughts are when will it stop, will robots replace people in all things, what occupations will be left? As innovation keeps on advancing, robots are turning out to be cleverer than individuals and…...
Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR): What They Are and Their Functions
Words • 1070
Pages • 5
Autonomy is the ability to solve the problem and make your own decisions. [1] In humans, autonomy permits us to do meaningful not to mention meaningless, tasks. This consists of things like talking, walking, opening doors, pushing buttons and changing light bulbs. In robots, autonomy is indeed no different. [2] Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are robots that can perceive its environment, make decisions based on what it perceives and/or has been programmed to recognize and then actuate a movement or…...
The Growth Of AI In Robotics
Words • 1066
Pages • 5
It must have been a long while since you are hearing about us humans getting replaced by robots. It is no surprise to you that AI has evolved to such an extent that it has started taking over the jobs which humans are/were doing, with a huge increase. The entire MI industry has become an epidemic to the human race. AI has given empowerment to machines which have roots deep down in the entire system of our living. It has…...
Robots in our life
Words • 879
Pages • 4
Robots are taking over the world as we know it, well the business world. However, is that no worse than an apocalypse? Many people would agree that the robots taking our jobs and increasing unemployment would be a disastrous event, but would it really? This is not the first time in history where technology has taken over millions of jobs, this phenomenon is known as an industrial revolution. There has been a total of three industrial revolutions in history, and…...
Autonomous mobile robots (AMR)
Words • 1106
Pages • 5
Autonomy is the ability to solve the problem and make your own decisions. In human's, autonomy permits us to do meaningful not to mention meaningless, tasks. This consists of things like talking, walking, opening doors, pushing buttons and changing light bulbs. In robots, autonomy is indeed no different. Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are robots that can perceive its environment, make decisions based on what it perceives and/or has been programmed to recognize and then actuate a movement or manipulation within…...
The Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) System
Words • 2572
Pages • 11
Many researchers have worked in the eld of gesture based HRI, with an end goal of devel-oping a safe and sophisticated system that facilitates a smooth transfer of command fromthe user to the robot. Liu, et al. [12] conducted a study to identify the future trends ingesture recognition technologies. They drew a graph based on their research, predicting thefuture trend of gesture recognition using the four technical components - Sensor Technology,Gesture Identi cation, Gesture Tracking and Gesture Classi cation. Their…...
Little Robot Play
Words • 492
Pages • 2
(Me): Aghh, what is that strong light ...? (Little robot): Is that possible ? Little miss is finally awake and I am the one to witness it (he said excitedly) I slowly started to open my eyes, everything was blurry at first but when it got clearer, I saw a little robot floating over the floor. (Me): Ummm..... Hello (I said cluelessly), I am Lea and you are? (Little robot): Oh how inconsiderate of me I'm Tod, (he starts to…...
Pipe Line Inspection Robot
Words • 2306
Pages • 10
A REVIEW PAPER ON PIPE LINE INSPECTION ROBOT ABSTRACT This paper reviewed on several previous on work that have been done on the developed in pipe line inspection robot for the last few years. This type of inspection robots can be divided into several groups based on their locomotion. Each prototype inspection robot have its own advantages and disadvantages depending on their design requirements and purpose of robot. Each prototype have been tested on several experiments in order to verify…...
A robot is a machine capable of carrying out complex actions
Words • 2222
Pages • 9
Abstract A robot is a machine capable of carrying out complex actions by itself. Robots can be controlled by human or any external forces, but most robots are machines designed to perform a task regardless to their look. The term robot can refer to both physical robots and virtual software agents, but latter referred to as bots. The idea of robots in the mythologies of many cultures around the world. Engineers and inventors from old civilizations, including China, Greece, and…...
Smart Home: Wi-Fi Based Home Automation System
Words • 1240
Pages • 5
Abstract This project presents a design and prototype implementation of smart home automation system that uses WiFi technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts. Users can locally (LAN) or remotely (internet) manage and control system codes with advancement of technology things are becoming simpler and easier for us. Automatic systems are being preferred over manual system. This system puts forth the equipment which enables users to control their home appliances using their cellular phone. The project construction and working…...
Robotics has become a major force in the business world and has
Words • 2861
Pages • 12
Robotics has become a major force in the business world and has become heavily used.However, this utilization of robotics in the industry is not a new innovation. It has been seen in use around since the early 60s. These robots have been commonly used for assembling products, managing hazardous supplies, and planting and assemble parts in many businesses. Newer and more advanced models enables organizations to almost completely remove human labor. This is because these newer innovations significantly advance productivity…...
RobotThe Business World
ROBOTICS CLASSROOM: Innovative Approach in Teaching and its Impact
Words • 2402
Pages • 10
CONTEXT AND RATIONALE Robotics Education provide the opportunity for students to bring their individual interests, perspectives and areas of expertise together in order to work collaboratively in a real-world science. In order to increase students' engagement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, it is important that learners increase their time working with concrete STEM tasks in collaborative groups. According to Cannon (2007) Robotics is often used to provide STEM experience for students in a manner that is…...
Words • 397
Pages • 2
ABSTRACT: Paying Guest Accommodation is the place where the people who will live by paying the rent for the rooms on the regular basis We have observed that the paying guest Accommodation uses up a large amount of paper. i.e. for paying up a bill and all the other activities. It is observed that the paper usage in the India hovers between 9 and 11 kg . We are destructing the trees day by day to produce up the paper…...
Career Episodoe 1 Final approved
Words • 1770
Pages • 8
Career Episode 1INTRODUCTIONProject Duration 21 November 2014 to 20 May 2015Project Location Dharmaj, IndiaProject Name Design and Manufacture of Solar Panel Dust Cleaning SystemName of Organisation ARIS Automation 657, GIDC, Makarpura, Near Himalaya Machinery, Vadodara, Gujarat, 390001 India. Project Supervisor Mr Sagar ShahProject Submitted to: Mr Nilam Patel, Head of DepartmentPosition Individual ProjectThis project was carried out in partial fulfillment for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical from 21 November 2014 to 20 May 2015 at the…...
A surgical robot has been defined across literature as a computercontrolled manipulator
Words • 737
Pages • 3
A surgical robot has been defined across literature as, a computer-controlled manipulator with artificial sensing that can be reprogrammed to move and position tools to carry out a range of surgical tasks (Dasgupta et al., 2005).Davies and his colleagues in 1991 documented the use of robotics in urological surgery. They modified the range of movement of an industrial Unimate PUMA robot to perform transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) gland (Davies et al., 1991). The same Frame TURP modified by…...
partial automation
Words • 1127
Pages • 5
1.INTRODUCTIONMany assembly lines in industry contain a combination of automated and manual workstations. These cases of partially automated production lines occur for two main reasons:Automation is introduced gradually on an existing manual line. Suppose that demand for the product made on a manually operated line increases, and it is desired to increase production and reduce labour costs by automating some or all of the stations. the simpler operations are automated first, and the transition toward a fully automated line is…...
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Why robots are bad
...Imagine, you wake up, Wally goes and gets your toothbrush, he makes your breakfast, gets your clothes, orders some shoes and even does your homework! All this, without you having to move an inch. Sounds great right? Once again, wrong. Imagine doing t...
Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR): What They Are and Their Functions
...In general, the AMR power supply is provided by two types of sources: batteries that are used only once and then discarded; and rechargeable batteries that operate from a reversible chemical reaction and can be recharged thousand times. The first use...
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