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Hospital Automation System

The team has planned to develop a Hospital Automation System for the well knownhospital called Pannipitiya Nursing Home. Currently the client company depends on an error  – prone software system and a large amount of manual work. Development of a new systemwill help the client company to minimize the work load they handle manually and to eliminatethe faults and errors of the existing software s...

Case Boise Automation

June 14 - I contacted Dan Reynolds today to see if there was any news. He indicated it was a bad time to push this project forward, but wouldn’t say any more. Everyone was very busy with little time for special projects. He indicated that he would be in touch with us if there was any news. I contacted Mr. Jennings but he is on vacation until mid-July. His assistant indicated that he books this t...

Software Requirement Specification for Online Result Automation System

This product is a web based application meant for the Linux and Win-xp environment.Since it is web based, a major constraint on the performance will be due to the bandwidth of the client’s web connection. A faster bandwidth will result in faster downloads.Another major requirement is that the users also download data and files from the network. The Administrator will upload the student informati...

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Robots Can’t Replace Human

For example, Toyota, a famous car company, has embraced automation and replaced human with robots for years. However, they have strong evidence that hiring human can reduce waste in crankshaft production by 10%, which also helped shorten the production line. As we know, robots only repeat the same task all the time, but for car makers, they need staff who have more skills that can understand the w...

Robots Good Or Bad

One day, robots will be a strong part of our world. They are already starting to run our world. People that are extremely ill use robots to go to the place or meeting that need to go to using a facetime like program attached to a robot. Our military is starting to use robots for military missions. Even big Corporations are going to start using robots to replace people's jobs. A robotics expert thi...

Enrolment system

As for report generation, using manual system takes forever and is susceptible to mistakes because the employee will scan all the enrolled students documents sort them by category and tally the list one by one in a report form. However, in an automated system, the user can generate reports with only a click of a button. A part of the enrolment process of the academy is the financial obligation of ...

Statement of Purpose Robotics

The Project Areas listed on the web page appear to be amalgamation of all possible fields to robotics, in which Associate Dr Gregory D Hager’s work interests me the most. Also, I have closely followed some of the research papers while working on human-robot interaction for my final year project and look forward to be a part of such a highly research oriented lab. I sincerely to hope see myself a...

A Synopsis of the Movie I, Robot

There is no doubt for me that there is a future where robots will be everywhere: Some robots might be performing precise heart surgeries, controlling traffic and overseen proper transit on the streets, cleaning our houses as domestic service or maybe even teaching English Composition at the local Community College (no offense to Ms. Patrice Fleck), but let’s be ready if some day they become awar...

Automation in Daily Life

Based on a formula by Gilles Saint-Paul, an economist at Toulouse 1 University, the demand for unskilled human capital declines at a slower rate than the demand for skilled human capital increases.[17] In the long run and for society as a whole it has led to cheaper products, lower average work hours, and new industries forming (I.e, robotics industries, computer industries, design industries). Th...

Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software

The soft wares can be used for personnel use unrelated to work. For example instant messaging can be used to discuss topics other than work which wastes both time and office resources. As far as group ware is concerned they can be expensive, may require extensive training, mat not support the rapid changes in technology and due to the availability of company related information with different peop...

I, Robot Film

The movie starts off when the scientist who repaired Will Smith after the accident, named Alfred Lanning, is found dead in the lobby of the U.S. Robotics office tower. Del Spooner (Will Smith) assumes that the scientist's death was not a suicide attempt, but a murder committed by a robot named Sonny. Everyone tells Spooner that he's crazy, because robots cannot go against the three laws by which t...

Sales force automation

Therefore despite being an effective and efficient way of improving productivity and profit margins, Sales Force Automation is not ideal for every company. Apart from the SFA being ergonomic for the workforce, substantial training should be done to ensure productivity is increased. In order to address the disadvantage sales managers need to show the sales people the benefits of CRM and how it will...

Artificial Intelligence Related to Wall-E Robot

This technological advancement presented in the movie can sustain life specifically human life in space for many years and attach with different system or technology. As presented in the movie they live in the space for 700 years living with sustanable oxygen and gravity balance. This techonology is possible in a way that that are the same to the experience of our astronouts discovering in the spa...

Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software

In today’s global world, computers have become a major part of every business organization because of their cost effectiveness and they also pave the way for every business organization to excel upon others by using them. Both Office Automation Software and Group Collaboration Software enhance the business activities and make it possible for the employees to save precious time and money of the o...

Robot Technology

But in the long term, installing robots will create more jobs than they eliminate ; in the area of manufacture, selling, maintenance and operation (McCLOY and HARRIS, 1986, p.282).  Also, it can be argued that automation in manufacturing creates wealth by reducing unit costs which in turn brings prices down, therefore creating more demand which is met by increased production rates, bringing unit ...

The Use of Robots/Robotics in Industry

The history of robots; types of industrial robots, performance, market demand and structure of robotics industry in the United States and Japan are discussed. The purpose of discussing these topics is to provide assistance by helping policy makers in the assessment of the overall competition of the United States’ robotics industry with the robotics industry of Japan. This assessment of the diffe...

Passport automation system

Basic Description . This is the final step in passport automation process. A receipt is generated with an appointment date generated along with final application summary. b. Basic Flow . The generated receipt can either be printed (saved) to a file or directly printed using a printing device. Pre-Conditions: Full payment for passport is done. Post-Conditions: A valid receipt is generated as a proo...

Electropneumatics Book

For this reason, signal flow is not immediately clear from the arrangement of the components in the overall circuit diagram. Structure and mode of operation of an electropneumatic controller Fig 1. 9 shows at the structure and mode of operation of an electropneumatic controller. The ? The ? The electrical signal control section switches the electrically actuated directional control valves. directi...


1.1 Automation Automation is an era where a technique or system is performed with minimum human assistance. It allows the orchestration and integration of gear, people, and methods through automated computerized workflows. Software program packages may be programmed to perform any repeatable sample, venture or enterprise workflow that turned into as soon as dealt with manual byways of people. Depa...

partial automation

1.INTRODUCTIONMany assembly lines in industry contain a combination of automated and manual workstations. These cases of partially automated production lines occur for two main reasons:Automation is introduced gradually on an existing manual line. Suppose that demand for the product made on a manually operated line increases, and it is desired to increase production and reduce labour costs by auto...

A surgical robot has been defined across literature as a computercontrolled manipulator

A surgical robot has been defined across literature as, a computer-controlled manipulator with artificial sensing that can be reprogrammed to move and position tools to carry out a range of surgical tasks (Dasgupta et al., 2005).Davies and his colleagues in 1991 documented the use of robotics in urological surgery. They modified the range of movement of an industrial Unimate PUMA robot to perform ...


We are destructing the trees day by day to produce up the paper which intend to spoil up the Environment. The use of paper has been increasing at a greater rate than usual, without knowing what results it could have overall. Greater use of paper has led the world into many disadvantages. It is time for us to take an action and think for once on what could happen if we reduce the use of paper in ou...

ROBOTICS CLASSROOM: Innovative Approach in Teaching and its Impact

Data presented on Table 6 shows that in terms of their interest, students in the experimental group "Strongly Agree" that robotics subject is easy to understand with a mean of 3.57, "Agree" that they feel comfortable when programming a robot with a mean of 2.93 and also "Slightly Agree" that programming makes them interested to attend robotics subject. This is due to the fact that limited material...

Robotics has become a major force in the business world and has

While RPA is different from Artificial intelligence. It is believed that the next stage of RPA will move past rule-based technology and begin to incorporate artificial intelligence aspects. RPA is also expected to be utilized with different instruments as more organizations are realizing that it doesn't work or expand optimally on its own. However, since RPA is capable of many things combining it ...

Smart Home: Wi-Fi Based Home Automation System

The device which we use in home automation are associate to ADK(Android Development Kit).The establishment of the connection between the Android device and ADK(Android Development Kit). The links into the ports as input/output of the board. Then it pass to the ADK(Android Development Kit).The USB host connection associated with Android Phone. Arduino software is use to do this process. It is capab...

A robot is a machine capable of carrying out complex actions

The henn-na hotel use the of robots and the advanced technology as a main factors to facilitate the process of managing and running the functions of hotel without the need of human staff with less cost and more efficiency, that leads to attract more guests that will lead to gain more profits in return. Japan as an advanced country enhanced the usage of technology in their different industries whic...

Little Robot Play


Pipe Line Inspection Robot

Many researches and developments have been done in the in-pipe robot work field. Each design that has been produced is based on the design requirements set by developer in order to achieve their objective in building the prototype. Generally an in-pipe inspection robot consists of the main body, driven part, control device and inspection equipment. Based on the review it can be said for pipes havi...

Automatic Fan Speed Control System

Marien M. Medalla (2017) Greenhouse Monitoring and control system, entering the era of Productivity 4.0, the agriculture industry faces a need to transform from the traditional production-oriented method to a new value chain-oriented approach. Information and communications technologies should be employed to create high-value markets and maintain international competitiveness. ITRI's greenhouse mo...

The Inventions' features

Background of the Invention : When hearing the word "robot", most of us may think of the giant industrial robot arms . They can precisely install the components at a very high speed, or handle many complex, even dangerous tasks . Robots are awesome, and wouldn't it be nice if everybody who wants a robot arm can actually afford one? After all, $ 50 ,000 is kind of a lot of money . This is when we, ...

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR)

Lead-acid battery: AMR uses lead acid-battery because they are reliable, resilient and easy to use. They are great battery that can be abused and can be operated with minimal support. They have a high-power density and can output large amounts of current. The disadvantage is they are heavy and have a small energy density. To charge this battery, you can just apply a higher voltage to them, and the...

The Growth Of AI In Robotics

The exponential growth of AI in robotics can put any sane person in doubts but at the same time, their common sense can also tell them we are the ones who have created this thing with our intelligence. The intelligence with which we humans are getting so concerned about is the one named as artificial intelligence by us. No matter how to advance it will become or how much it will gain control of ou...

Robots in our life

While the upper-class business owners would be the first to reap the benefits of the industrialization, everyone would gain from it in the long run. Because, even though jobs would be lost and communities' entire economies would shrink, they would learn how to adapt to it and grow stronger. If a town whose income was dependent on the consumption and catering of truck drivers, they could start a ne...

Agribot Mechanical structure

The invention of the X-Y plotters is to recording or plotting two-dimensional data on a rectangular coordinate system. This study emphasizes the fabrication of a XY plotter by using mechanism from scanner and microcontroller system (Arduino) to control the movement of XY axis. Modeling and analysis on X-Y plotter is carried out through the computer linked with the Arduino software. It is executed ...

The journey of finding my path started from my curiosity

Besides academics, the opportunity to interact with a global community and experience diversity of culture are the things I look forward to with avidity. A master's degree at your highly regarded university will allow me to build a plethora of connections, which would prove to be useful, both professionally and personally. Your university provides me with the right platform to move towards my goal...

Programming robots by using open-source software instruments

Thanks to Jb. Sumon for his dedicated direction and the work he has done working in conjunction with professors Md. Iftekharul Alam Efat and D Saha for the C/C++ libraries for the Writer and SRV-1 robots. The clarity of his statements in the source code allowed me to realize the inherent communication operations between the robot's microcode and the higher-level libraries. Besides, thanks to T Ahm...

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to Perform Human Tasks in Medicine

The image of the future of Artificial Intelligence both enthuses and worries people all over the world and it will have a change on the society. As demonstrated in this case-based report, AI systems in The University College London Hospital might rise societal and moral issues; however, by considering the solutions and ensure a positive and a healthier use of the technology, the addressed problems...

ResultsIn the robot testing class on 13th week the robot was tested

First, various factors should be taken into account in the brainstorming and design process. A lot of influence related to the final results is important. For example, in the process of designing the bridge, we only considered the weight of the bridge but ignored the impact of the bridge length on the robot's crossing time. Secondly, communication skills and the time of exchange the ideas should b...

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