Automated Sales and Inventory System Essay

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Automated Sales and Inventory System

2.1 Background of Study

Information system is a collection of hardware, software and people that work together to collect, store, and sort and process information. From the very earliest moments in the modern history of the computer, the people and the business world have witnessed the continuous development and growth of computer system that requires meeting the goal of Information technology. We have the completely new world of information and communication readily available through computer.

With its excellent standards the proponents decided to come up with this proposal which aim was to provide quality customer service in the business, design a system that monitor report, can the quantity of inventory items, can determine reorder or production point, can generate report, can check the critical level of a product, This study would surely benefit the proprietor of Muella Trading.

Mr.Muella the owner of Muella Trading has knowledge in terms of hardware because he already worked at Hardware Company. With that knowledge the proprietor decided to had own business. The business started on February 8, 2009 at Guinobatan Albay by Mr. Eugine Muella and Mrs. Marites Napili Muella.The mention company has 4 employees/ laborer. That company has four category in terms of product they retail the electrical, plumbing, hardware and products use for construction.

For almost two years in the industry the proprietor are using the manual inventory system. With this kind of system the process of their transactions are very slow and it is a time consuming to their business transactions. This is the main reason why they decided to shift from manual to automated sales and inventory system. The shifting of inventory was made possible by the proponents to make the daily transactions of the company faster, easier and more accurate. The system helps them to eliminate problems on sales, storage and retrieval of inventory data for the inventory status. 2.2 Statement of the Problem

2.0 Methodology of the study

Agile is a practice-based methodology for modelling and documentation of software-based systems. It is intended to be a collection of values, principles, and practices for Modelling software that can be applied on a software development project in a more flexible manner than traditional Modelling methods. It is a built on the foundation of iterative development.[ Karthiksangi2009] ‘The Home Page of Karthiksangi’

The proponents used agile as their method in developing the system because of its phases, which is suited in developing the propose system.


The first step in the Agile Modelling is to identify some high-level requirements as well as the scope of the release. The requirements within an agile process are more or less ’suggestions’, and are open to more conversation by the team during other phases. The Agile method is more adaptable to changes in requirements as the project grows. The proponents identify first the minimum and general requirements of the system they will be develop and they conducted an interview to the company so that it would helped them in getting information about the requirements that needed in developing the system.

Architecture and Design

The goal of the architecture and design phase is to try to identify an architecture that has a good chance of working. The design is derived in a modelling session, in which issues are explored, until the team is satisfied that they understand what needs to be delivered.

The proponents designed a database which is suited and capable for the system they developed and defined the attributes, data entry and relationship of them. In connection with this, the proponents created a Graphical User Interface designed that can allow users to interact with the system.


The system is delivered incrementally over time, in small modules that have immediate business value, rather than building and then delivering a system in a single “big bang” release. By focusing development on smaller modules, agile projects are able to control costs despite the seeming lack of planning.

The proponents create, design and develop a propose system they studying. In this phase the proponent still in developing part and they more concentrating and focusing on creating a small module which is really required to that system.

3.0 Review of Related Studies

Click software Inventory System

It is a highly configurable system designed to improve warehouse operations. The system helps manage item master configuration and defines stock locations, monitors item quantity, location and status of inventory as well as related shipping, receiving, picking and put-away process information. The system is capable of providing automatic identification using barcodes for inventory objects which include any type of physical assets, tools and supplies, spare parts, raw materials, finished goods, and machines.

This system reduces warehouse cost and improves customer service by speeding up the goods handling process, providing transparent and accurate inventory data, improves your resource planning resulting to increased productivity and decreased labor costs.

Retail and Inventory System

This inventory system enables maintenance and processing of sales, purchases and inventory data to prepare transactions, documents and generate reports. It provides information useful to decision making regarding sales, purchases and inventory monitoring. This system organizes your inventory transaction and provides useful audit trails of inventory movements, details and histories to allow improved control over your investment. The features of the systems are the system has a highly secure password.

The system maintains item profile, customer profile, supplier profile. The purchases facilities include purchase items and purchase return. The system also design a sales facilities include sales Items and sales exchange. The system has report facilities that include transaction list and POS retail reports.

In relation of this the proponents got an idea that it would help them in development of the system they develop. Both inventory system have a good and wonderful features that the proponents can use in there system such as highly security of the program that would benefit the management of the company because if it is highly security the more secure of system and other features that would also benefit not only for the management but to the other users also.

4.0 Theoretical Framework
Database Management System (DBMS)

The theory on database management become the foundation in creating the storage of records in propose system. A database management system (DBMS) is a program that lets one or more user create and access data in database. It manages user request so that user and other programs are free from having to understand where the data are physically located, and in a multi-user system that else will also be accessing the data. In handling user requests, the DBMS ensures the integrity of the data. In handling user request, the DBMS ensures the integrity of the data. (That is making sure it continues to be accessible and is consistently organized as intended) and its security (making sure that only those with access privilege can access the data) A DBMS can be thought of as a file manager that manages data in database rather than files in file system. In IBM’s main frame operating system, the number retrieval data managers are known as access methods. A DBMS is usually an inherent part of a database product. On PC’s Microsoft Access is a popular example of a single or small group user DBMS. Microsoft SQL Server is an example of a DBMS that enables a user to store, modify and extract information from a database. [WOOD2007]

Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

RDBMS is a type of database management system that stores in the form of related tables. Relational database is powerful because it requires little assumption about how data are related or how this data will be extracted from the database. An important of relational system is that a single database can be spread across several tables. This differs from flat – file database, in which each database is self- contained in a single table. Almost full-scale database systems are RDBMS. Small database system, however, use other designs that provide less flexibility in posing queries. [CASH2005]

Data Security

Computer system secures the records from unauthorized users and protects the data from loss. The proponents saw to it that all the records stored in the database are safe and protected. Therefore, they made use of the applications based from theory, data security. Data security is means of ensuring that the data are kept safe from corruption and that access to its suitably controlled. Thus, data security helps to ensure privacy and protection that’s why most computer system adopts security measures that involve data encryption and password. Data encryption is the transmission of data into from that is unintelligible without a deciphering mechanism. A password is a secret word or phrase that gives a user access to particular program or system.

[WOOD2007] Networking

Networking is a system that transmits any combinations of voice, video and data between users. The network includes the network operating system in the client and server machines connecting them and all supporting hardware in between such as bridges, routers and switches; in wireless systems, antennas and towers are also part of a network. In Information technology, a network is a series of points or nodes interconnected by communication path. The most common topology is the bus, star, token ring and mesh topologies. Network can also be categorized in terms of spatial distance as Local Area networks (LAN’s), Metropolitan area Network (MAN’s) and Wide Area Networks (WAN’s). A given network can also characterized by the type of data transmission technology used (for example a TCP/IP or system networks architectures); by whether it carries voices, data, both kind of signals; by user (Private of Public); by the usual nature of its connectives (dial up or switched, dedicated or no switch or virtual connections); by the type of physical link (for example optical fiber, coaxial cable and unshielded twisted pair.) [STI2002]

Back-up and Restore

Storing back –up copies of software data back -up and having back –up computer and communication capabilities are important basic safeguard because the data can then be restored if they are altered or destroyed by a computer crime or accident. Computer data should be backed up frequently and should be restored nearby in secure locations in case of damage at the primary site. Transporting sensitive data to storage locations should also be done securely. [HOIST2004]

5.0 Data Gathering Procedures and Analysis Output

On data gathering procedures the proponents conducted a direct interview to the company of Muella Trading. Based from that interview, the proponents where able to know the existing problem of a company. They also conducted research and review from thesis projects of STI Legaspi. The proponents also surfed to the internet to get and gather some information which is related for the study After gathering, the proponents got possible solution to solve the existing problem met by the company in using the manual inventory system. Through the help of those data that the proponents gathered, they analyse how it will apply in developing the system.

6.0 Documentation of the current system
6.1 Description of the current system
User Information

In this module the admin can create, edit, activate, deactivate and delete user account, including all their information but deleting data is not require or not good because if there’s an animalise in the program or the system you can easily retrieve and check of those data and also for other purposes. In this module again the user can create another account but again only the admin has an authorize to do that.

Supplier Information

The proponents create a module that the admin can add, edit and delete supplier information. To make the user easier to find and view the suppliers the proponents put there an search button. The user can search by supplier code or by name.

Product Information

This module can add, edit, and delete the product information. The admin also can add category like construction, plumbing, paint and everything that the hardware has. In this module also they can add supplier, view list of the entire product as well as the supplier of that product the selling and supplier price, including percentage of the vat and promos.

Point of Sale (POS)

In this module the admin and the cashier only has a right to access and give or issue a transaction. In one transaction you can add item as many as you can including its unit, quantity and the prize. When someone needs to delete item because of error the proponents put a security password for securing the transaction. It computes the total amount of sales of the transaction the discount, the amount given of the customer and computes the change. The product into the database decreases.

Purchase Order

The company purchase their product in different supplier. In this module you can identify the products that in a critical level so with this the owner of company can easily determine the product need to be orders. The proponents also include the total amount the product they order.

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