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Many people in today’s society think just because I am a young lady I have an easy fun filled life. Well, that is not true. Life has many ups and downs but it is up to us whether we want it to be a successful one or not. Life is filled with obstacles for us to overcome no matter how tragic.

Back in 2009, the most unexpected tragedy I thought that would never happen occurred. My grandfather died in September and my grandmother died in December.

It was a hard and difficult time for me because they both died within a matter of four months apart from each other. Another incident occurred that was almost fatal. My brother was involved in a car accident in Kemp Road last year May. The accident was so horrific, the right side of his body was paralyzed. He had to do therapy at Doctors Hospital so he could drive and walk properly again.

Sometime in everyone’s life, they are either nervous or scared to take an examination.

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I had my experience of nervousness when I had to take my national examination. In the Bahamas, the national examination is a test students would have to take for the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (B.G.C.S.E.) or the Bahamas Junior Certificate (B.J.C.). The exam I had to take was Music which consists of theory and a practical exam. Theory means to listen to a musical piece and answer questions about it and practical means to play a musical piece.

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When it was my turn to perform my musical piece, I panicked but I tried my best to keep calm. Yes, millions of butterflies were in my stomach just like any other person would have before a big exam like that one. As I played my piece, the millions of butterflies I was experiencing were decreasing by each note I played. By the time as I finished playing my piece, I was confident I passed and I did with a B.

One of my greatest successes I achieved in my life is graduating from Aquinas College Catholic High School and receiving my diploma. I was very satisfied with my accomplishment and achievement and made my parents proud. My other success in life is obtaining my driver’s license. For a teenager, having your license is a big deal because it is one step closer to freedom. Most persons could not say they have their first godchild until the age of 30, but I had the privilege of having my first godchild at the age of 16. Her name is Danielle Rigby and she is my pride and joy.

Some other successes in my life are cooking and playing the flute from the age of 10, playing my clarinet from the age of 15 and being accepted into the great Bethune Cookman University. Some of the Bahamian dishes I can make are curry chicken and white rice, friend plankton, potato salad, BBQ ribs, minced lobster and many more. I have been playing the flute for nine years and counting, and I treat it just like a young baby. My future goals and aspirations are to graduate from college with honors, obtain a career where I can prove I am worth being there by working to the best of my ability and having a family of my own someday.

All of these things I went through to become the young lady I am today. This is my life, my story.

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