Austronesian Migration Essay

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Austronesian Migration


Austronesia, in historical terms, refers to the homeland of the peoples who speak Austronesian languages, including Malay, Filipino, Indonesian, Maori, Malagasy, native Hawaiian, the Fijian language and around a thousand other languages. The Austronesian homeland is thought by linguists to have been prehistoric Taiwan.


Researchers believed that our Ancestors came from Southern China and traveled through Taiwan and arrive in Batanes, a northernmost province in the Philippines. They Inhabited the Area for over a Thousand Years. After a thousand years they travelled to south and arrived at Madagascar and also travelled east and arrived at Easter Island in South America. These travelers are called “Austronesian Speaking People” which means speakers from the South East Asian countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and many more. Austronesian People are also Great Seafarers. They build and use Canoes for travelling the Open seas. They also developed the Technology to navigate and cross the Open seas.

Historian’s believed that the Early Filipino’s used Outrigger canoes and sails for very large explorations. And they conclude that our Ancestors doesn’t cross land bridges from Brunei instead they used boats for Transportation. It is believed that Austronesians greatly contribute in the creation of different South East Asian languages an. These discoveries are proved by Relics and Artifacts found in the Colonized countries. Like Burial Jars ( Manunggul Jar ), Talismans, Jewelries ( Lingling-o ) and Tools/Ornaments. Since the Ancient times, Trades are present in the Philippines. Our Ancestors are trading Ornaments and goods for Minerals, Porcelain items, Jewelries, Accessories etc.

This proves that our Ancestors played an important role in the Growth of the Culture and Languages in the whole world.

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