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Australia's Population Distribution and Density

The physical environment has determined to some extent, the distribution and density of Australia’s population. Discuss. People do not live evenly spread through the world. Australia is one of the counties that considered has a low population density. This is due to approximately 23 million population were distributed unevenly. Besides the physical environment, there are also a variety of other factors that have actually worked together to distribute in the Australia’s population that cannot be neglected.

These included the economic and history factors.

The physical environment is one of the well-known factors that affect the distribution and density of Australia’s population. This refers to the landforms, climate, flora and fauna and of course the components including people constantly interact and affect each other. Australia is very famous with its diversity of animals and plants that are able to survive in the harsh and extreme climate such as the marsupials and eucalypts, which had, actually attracts many people to live in this unique land.

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The climate is rather dry due to the little rainfall, and this caused mass migration of people to other places. Therefore, this results in the different population density in different region. Australia’s economic has also contributed to the distribution and density of its population. This is due to the reliance on maritime trade in the past. The first European settlement was located on the coast. Therefore, most of the industries were attracted to these centres. This provides a variety of job opportunities to the people.

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Therefore, many people have settled down there. In the early days, coastal shipping was the main transportation to them because the land routes were difficult to construct and take time to cross. The main function of that is to transport commodities to ports for the exportation to all over the world. This has directly influenced many of the employers and they have found that it is easier to attract labour to coastal location, which has also significantly increased the number of population in that region.

The most significant point is, Australia is rich with its natural resources such as iron ore and coal. These are mainly exported to all over the world and hence planted many business and investment opportunities. Colonial historical factor tends to affect the distribution and density of Australia’s population too. In the past, the vegetation patterns and agricultural regions are the most significant points. Most of the interior of the country is uninhabitable so people mainly lived on the coast, especially on the east coast where conditions are better.

Besides that, most of the major urban cities have developed on the sites that first settled by the European invaders and settlers. The capital city is the main area of dense population while the rural areas are considered as a very low dense populated region in each state and territory. This is because people can easily get food from the coastal area, which has now been adopted to be the city of the state. Australia is meant to be a very sparsely populated country. This is due to the many factors present which actually played a role in it.

It includes the physical environment, economic and history factors. However, some statistics show that there is a sudden growth in the distribution and density of Australia’s population since 1990s as people started to migrate into Australia from all over the world. In a nutshell, there will be an ongoing growth in the distribution and density of Australia’s long-term population that will also brings a lot of goods such as financial and social benefits. (575 words)

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