Australia Has Regional and Global Links

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Australia has regional and global links with other countries for aid. This report will describe the advantages and disadvantages for Australia that result from its Indonesian aid links which includes improving Australia’s reputation and providing employment and training opportunities for people. However country may become too dependent on other countries for support and dishonest leaders may use the money for their own benefits. First and foremost, Australia is popularly known to be ‘champions of the underdog’ who believe in the ‘fair go’ principle.

To not have an overseas aid program is thought to be inhumane and even unpatriotic. The Australian Overseas Aid Program argues that most Australians support Indonesian aid simply because they sincerely care about those who are less well off. Aid to Indonesia may then encourage a friendly relationship between them and Australia and the future of positive exchanges of cultural values. Secondly, by providing aid for countries such as Indonesia, it provides employment and training opportunities for Australians.

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Thousands of full and part-time jobs have been created in government and non-government aid agencies as well as in private firms. Voluntary aid has been said to benefit young people seeking work experience and retirees and unemployed people seeking worthwhile work. The theory is that voluntary work gives them valuable knowledge and work skills and improves cultural links between the two countries. However, when there are positives, there are always negatives. The disadvantage for Australia giving aid is that the receiving country of the aid can become too dependent on receiving that money.

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Instead of the country using the aid and becoming more independent by implementing programs and policies in their country, they remain dependent on the aid. For example, Australia gives Indonesia approximately 2 billion dollars a year. This is a concern because without Australian aid the people of Indonesia would be very poor. Furthermore, another disadvantage would include dishonest leaders abusing the money. Australian and international aid each year amounts to millions of dollars and unfortunately, must money is used by corrupt leaders who use the funds for their own benefits or to support their private armies.

As a result, the aid does not get to the people who need it most. In summation, providing aid to other countries will always have its advantages and disadvantages. As seen from above, Australia benefited from providing aid to countries such as Indonesia because it provided employment and job opportunities for Australians and improved Australia’s reputation. However, providing too much assistant could result in the country becoming too independent or the money could be abused and used for the wrong purposes consequently, those who need it most don’t get the benefits.

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