Austin Essay Topics

John Austin and the Concept of Commands

Positive law, according to Austin, comprises of overt and covert orders from a person in a position of authority. In general, the law represents and is based on a ruler’s authority. Such law has very areas of convergence with moral exhortations and divine law. Austin’s made no attempt to question the validity of such a… View Article

Formal assessment & Austin (1991)

Formal assessment has been described by Austin (1991) as a process of “gathering information and utilization of that that information for individual and institutional improvement (p. 2). The information gathered may include the students’ weakness and strengths in certain subjects’ areas. Emphasis in formal assessments is focused on the results of a standardized evaluation tests… View Article

Spanning the Globe

Eric Christopher ia an Associate Director for Global HR Development at Tex- Mark.he had ended up at Tex- Mark, a computer input- output manufacturer and supplier, through an indirect career route. Eric had graduated from Churchill High School and Baylor University in Waco, Texas, with a major in History and a minor in Spanish. His… View Article