AUSA Winter Symposium Essay

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AUSA Winter Symposium

Question 2: Explain which of the six PPBE principles appear not to be followed in the reading F103RB, “General Odierno, AUSA Winter Symposium.” After reading General Raymond Odierno speech at the AUSA Winter Symposium, I believe there were two Army Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) principles appear not to be followed. I chose PPBE principle number one and number five, respectively.

The PPBE principle number one states: “To provide essential focus on departmental policy and priorities for Army functional activities during all phases of PPBE.” In General Odierno speech at the AUSA Winter Symposium, his focus was on the entire Army, including all three components (Active, National Guard and Army Reserve) respectively. According to General Odierno, “By the end of FY17, the Army will decrease its end strength from 570,000 to 490,000 in the Active Army; from 358,000 to 353,500 in the National Guard; and from 206,000 t0 205,000 in the Army Reserve. Actually, the Army Reserve has already reduced themselves to 205,000. But it is not just about the numbers themselves; it is about reducing our end-strength over a deliberate and gradual ramp through the end of FY17.

The number five PPBE principle states: “Through program execution, to —–
Apply resources to achieve approved program objectives.
Adjust resource requirements based on execution feedback.”

MAJ Renata W. Hannah
Lesson F103: Gen. Odierno
AUSA Winter Symposium
15 December 2014

General Odierno did not discuss program execution, however; he did discuss the many challenges faced by the Army. General Odierno postulated “For over 236 years, the Army has overcome many challenges, but always continues to answer our Nation’s call. Today we face another challenge – a global financial crisis on top of an already uncertain and increasingly complex environment in which we operate. As all of you are aware, probably better than I, the United States confronts a very large deficit problem, and we also know that sustaining the strength of our economy is a national security issue.”

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