"Augmented Reality" Research Paper/Essay

He felt the wind blowing on their face, the vibration of the seat and even different smells of the city. He combined visual image, breeze and vibrations altogether to come up with the idea of creating “The Cinema of the Future”. He was then named “The Father of Virtual Reality”. Later on, came Ivan Sutherland who was a computer scientist and a professor at Harvard University. He invented the “sword of Damocles” device along with his student Bob Sproull.

It was the first augmented reality head-mounted display system, suspended from the ceiling and the user observed computer simulated graphics.

He was referred to as the “Father or Computer Graphics”. Minor developments have continued to occur until the 1990s, when an Australian Multimedia Artist named Julie Martin brought the concept of “Virtual Reality” to television, and then researcher/designer Tom Caudell gave the term “Augmented Reality” or “AR”.

In 1997, a publisher know as Ronald Azuma writes a book in which he studies the diverse usage of it in the fields of Medicine, Industrial design, Military, Navigation, sports and all sorts of entertainment.

Furthermore, in late 2000 a research-professor named Hirokazu Kato Developed the ARToolKit which is an application that allows you to combine virtual graphics with the real life. It uses video tracking to overlap computer graphics on a video camera. The 3d virtual character appears to be standing on a real cardboard. When the user moves the cardboard, the virtual haracter moves with it and appears attached to the real object. This is a recent breakthrough in the print media industry because they began to integrate AR into their publications.

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So Augmented Reality is about enhancing our daily lives by means of incorporating digitized information into real objects. Nowadays the most common form of AR can be seen integrated with Smartphones being widely used or combining a special camera to a pc and have the experience. One of the key difficulties in developing AR applications is the problem of tracking the user’s viewpoint.

In order to know from what viewpoint to draw the virtual imagery, the application needs to know where the user is looking in the real world. And this is done by using computer vision algorithms to solve the problem. There is a growing dependency on technology that pushes scientists, designers and developers to explore deeper and experiment further. Talk about the rewards and impacts it is having on the way we see the world, and the drawbacks of using it on a day-to-day basis as the dependence is increasing rapidly.

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