Auditory learning Essay Topics

Auditory Attention

The ability to localize sound sources is of considerable importance to both humans and animals; it will determine the direction of objects to seek or to avoid as well as indicating the appropriate direction to direct visual attention. The precision of sound localization is remarkable, particularly for brief sounds or for those occurring in noisy… View Article

Difference of girls and boys in school

How do boys and girls experience school? Somewhat differently it seems, because their learning styles tend to differ somewhat. Although individual differences always trump gender-related differences, here are some differences between the ways boys and girls in K12 grades classrooms behave that have implications for teaching and learning. Girls are more likely to Boys are… View Article

How do I learn best

How do I learn best? Cal state University How do I learn best? Simply defined, your learning style is the way you tend to learn best. Learning styles do not gauge a person’s abilities or intelligence, but they can explain why some tasks may seem easier than others. According to the VARK system, five learning… View Article