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Audible Thermometer

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (629 words)
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The objective of our project was to build a Independent audible thermometer, which can speak the body temperature of a person. Our original goal was to build both software and hardware setup of the audible thermometer. We have already finished the software setup and we are currently working on the hardware, which we couldn’t complete because the budget was pretty heavy for us. So, we’ve built a setup which can speak a person’s body temperature using the sensor and a computer.


This chapter should give the essential back-ground Theory on the subject of the project and essential derivations or the like.


This chapter should normally cover design / programming
methodologies or other approaches suggested in the literature. (Above number pattern should be followed for Sections and sub-sections.)


Detailed approach followed for the implementation of the project.

(a) In case of Hardware:
1.detailed experimental approach followed,
2.measurement setups,
3.process steps,
4.experimental setup,
5. photographs of the device developed(if any), results snap shots etc.

(b) In case of simulation, modeling, programming techniques, the programming steps, flow charts, simulation results, verification of the approach followed.

(Above number pattern should be followed for Sections and sub-sections.)



(Above number pattern should be followed for Sections and sub-sections.)


(Comprehensive list of references must be given as per IEEE / Physical Review format). All these references must be linked to the text and reference no. (for eg. 5) should be given in a square bracket or as [5] along with the text.

For ex:
[1] Neelam Marshkole, Bikesh Kumar Singh, A.S Thoke, “Texture and Shape based
Classification of Brain Tumors using Linear Vector Quantization” (2011) International Journal of Computer Applications, September


Objective and Goals:

The basic objective of this project was to build an audible thermometer, which will be very useful for persons with vision problems and blinds, who cannot read the numbers shown on the modern digital thermometers. The human error is very common. A little distraction can make us note down 85oC as 58oC. This is very common with us. So, audible measurements will reduce the occurrences of such errors. So, the ultimate goal is to develop an audible thermometer for measuring body temperature for domestic and medical purposes both using LabVIEW and using microcontroller (independent).



LM 35:

LM35 is a precision IC temperature sensor with its output proportional to the temperature (in oC). The sensor circuitry is sealed and therefore it is not subjected to oxidation and other processes. With LM35, temperature can be measured more accurately than with a thermistor. It also possess low self heating and does not cause more than 0.1 oC temperature rise in still air.

The operating temperature range is from -55°C to 150°C. The output voltage varies by 10mV in response to every oC rise/fall in ambient temperature, i.e., its scale factor is 0.01V/ oC.
When, Vcc is connected to a 5V source and GND is grounded, The OUT pin gives voltage which is proportional to the temperature of the atmosphere around the IC. So, Temp α Vout

Scale factor is 0.01V/oC
0.01*Temp = Vout
Now, Temp = 100*Vout

The temp is now in celcius,The body temperature is always measured in farenheit. To do this conversion a Sub VI was built.

BODY TEMP = (1.8*TEMP)+32



The pins of LM35, The Vcc was connected to 5V source and the GND pin was connected to the negative terminal and OUT pin was connected to the NI DAQ port 1 and GND was connected to port 3. The NI DAQ was used to interface LM35 and LabVIEW. Inside the LabVIEW the signal is acquired and manipulated. The manipulation includes multiplication of the signal value with 100 and converting this Celsius reading to farenheit.

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