Attitudes of Men to Women in the Workplace

She wipes the sweat from her brow and gets back to work. Many long hours she works non stop. Her hands builds up calyces and slivers; man hands. She is the only female that works alongside her boss; she was the only employee. She feels the bitter words she is told every day, and they swarm around her like fog clouding her mind from the job she needs to do. Everyday seems to get worse for her and she tries to keep pushing through.

But everyone has their breaking point, so she quit; and everything got better from there. That girl was me. Gender inequality is a growing factor in America and everyone goes through it at some point in their careers. Whether it is between discriminatory comments, or the unequal pay that we receive, we all have experienced Gender Inequality.

The idea that one day gender equality will happen in America seems like an impossible dream, many hope to achieve.

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The reason we will never achieve this, is because of the differences between gender roles, unequal pay for equal time and labor, and unequal opportunity of employment.

-There is this idea that each gender has specific qualities that make them incapable of doing a specific job or duty; that each gender has their own specific role they should keep to, or it would be unacceptable. It seems people have this idea that men and women are too different, but ¨while there are (of course) biological differences between the sexes, social sciences has shown that men and women are more similar than different on a wide range of characteristics…¨(Johnson) Social Science is the study of human society and social relationships.

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Society today is still about finding dominance and that same goal is carried out when in the workforce. Men still lead in social dominance due to the unequal bar heights set for women.

In all reality, we are very similar besides the way that each of our body builds and the hormones we all have. It is true that we all have our own differences, but our differences can make us stronger together. Society has made it out as if all men are these strong, buff guys that are capable of doing anything alone, but they never mention the incredibly strong women compared to the scrawny men; helping prove the case that society discriminates. Our ¨…differences are decreasing over time – women are closing the gap in terms of wanting to be leaders – suggesting that the gap is more due to society than biology.¨ (Johnson) The only ¨real¨ reason we have to help ¨justify¨ the action of gender discrimination is through our differences biologically, but these differences do not inept women to do any work men do, at times it just means that they will have to work a little harder to be successful.

¨ The year 2017 has been a painful reminder that when men hold most of the power it’s all too easy for them to abuse it.¨ (Gates) Men are A women that works in the same office, clocks in and out at the same time, and puts in as much effort as any man, is still treated as if they were lower than the men. ¨ If you have an environment where women are treated equally, respected, prompted, part of the leadership, you are way less likely to have a problem…¨ (McClurg) The problem this article was talking about was the problem of alleged sexual harassment in the workplace. The main reason believed for women being able to get away with alleged sexual harassment is due to the fact that women are seen as defenseless. If women were to be seen and treated as equal in all aspects, this would be beneficial to men because it would decrease the amounts of alleged harassment towards them. That could only be the case If equality was represented in every job environment, through the way they are treated and the things they receive such as pay.

– ¨…Women who work full time still make, on average, 80 percent of what men make…¨ (Covert) This is 20% less then the full amount these hard working women deserve. Women do the same things as the men, and in return receive alot less then the payment men earned doing the same thing.

Part of the problem with the unequal pay, women’s salary are based off of their prior salary, instead of offering them same deal that any male employee would receive for the same position. ¨Allowing prior salary to justify a wage differential perpetuate this message, entrenching salary systems an obvious means of discrimination.¨(Covert)

¨It has been illegal to pay women less than men since 1963…¨ (Covert) And still today we live in a country where women who work the same hours and do the same things, get paid a good fraction less than men and are treated unfairly; though the same time and effort is put in for both sexes.

¨ Women are usually subjected to a higher bar, requiring more evidence than men to be seen as qualified.¨ (Shashkevich) It seems as if women always have to prove themselves in job settings, showing many skills that most of the time are unnecessary to the job they are trying to obtain.

¨… People to evaluate men and women differently, especially when the criteria for evaluation are ambiguous. This bias puts women at a disadvantage in workplaces, where they get hired and promoted at lower rates than men.¨(Shashkevich) One of the main things that leads us away from having gender equality, is this very reason. The bias that there is in the workplace does not create equal opportunity for all genders.

There are many solutions to solve this problem, if only we all try to work toward that goal “ Establish a policy that ensures that men and women are compensated equally for performing the same work…Both genders are treated equally in recruitment, training, hiring & promotion¨ (White)

¨ Establish a policy that ensures the non discriminatory policies that apply to the company’s employees also apply to all levels of company management…¨ (White) This would help insure that there could be no gender discrimination in the workplace, between any of the employees, and that all would be treated equal in all types of work settings.

¨We are never going to close this gender gap unless we get men involved…There’s an institutional wall of sexism that still exists…¨(McClurg) And until we do something, women will still be treated unfairly. If the men were to step up and join in our voice, then we can help prevent the accusations of men

There is a way that we could help end gender inequalities. ¨But the moment of reckoning prompted…has also proven that by coming together and speaking in one voice, women can tip the balance.¨(Gates) Being able to

The differences between gender roles, unequal pay for equal time and labor, and unequal opportunity of employment all lead up to a growing factor on the social scale.

If we were to make a change and stand up to gender inequality, we can could end gender discrimination and make another step that can be either big or small, in helping make America a better place.

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